Who? What Killed Mutula Kilonzo

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo who died at his ranch in Maanzoni,Machakos County on April 27

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo who died at his ranch in Maanzoni,Machakos County on April 27

The rumor mills have been awash with what killed Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo on the morning of April 27. Mutula was found dead on his bed at his expansive ranch at Maanzoni in Machakos county.

Poison,heart attack,Viagra overdose,snake bite,polonium and recently The Nation newspaper introduced another angle of a fifth visitor. Today the paper ,which has led the rest in speculation on the possible death of the late senator, has said poisoning is the probable cause of his death.

Although seven pathologists,including UK pathologist Dr Calder Ian Maddison, did the postmortem last Friday at Lee Funeral Home and agreed on the cause of death,they chose not to reveal on the cause until further tests are done,results will be out in two months.

Delay on the pathologists results has fueled speculations on what happened on that day.

Mutula on Friday April 26 drove alone without his personal assistant to his ranch where he spends most of his weekends reflecting alone. A traffic police officers who mans a road block near his Kwa Kyelu ranch saw his in a white Range Rover at around midday. Although it is only about 10 minutes journey from his home the senator did not arrive home immediately but too three hours,it has not been establish what he was doing in those three hours.

Workers who were interviewed after his death said the senator ate his supper early and retired to bed only to find him dead the next morning at around 10am after he failed to wake up. He always woke up at 7am.  But it has now emerged that there was a mysterious visitor,a woman, who had been seen that night with the late senator. Saturday Nation also reported that Mutula woke up and was seen in the swimming pool that morning. The initial reports did not mention him waking up.

Police collected thirty-seven samples  from the his Maanzoni home to help them unravel the death of the  64-year-old senior counsel.Among samples collected was from mineral water on his bed side,a can of pepsi Cola,the maize and beans meal that he last ate with roasted beef. Later detectives working on the case said they also picked a bottle with pills.

After the death journalists who first visited the scene were barred from entry until his son Mutula Kilonzo Junior arrived. He was angry with workers who had already talked to the media and journalist claimed he assaulted a journalist and two workers at the home. This report has not been published by the media.

Mutula was found covered in his bed with vomit on his sink. Was it possible that those who entered the house interfered with the scene of crime by covering the senator? At what did the said who leave the home if at all he was there?

Is the woman and Viagra angle a ploy to deflect attention from the real cause of death? Did the beating up of journalist and workers silence them to share what they knew and cover up the real cause of death? Is the delay to release the initial postmortem result a ploy to cool down things by family?



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  1. As usual. Truth will not be known!

  2. Non mi capita mai di fare commenti sui blog che leggo, ma in questo caso faccio un’eccezione, perch il blog merita davvero e voglio scriverlo a chiare lettere.

  3. Jonewa one~dutch

    People died because of truth in kenya nowardays.

  4. Those Who Caused The Death Of Hon Mutula , Let Them Be Warned And Start Repenting That Angrisly Act To The Nation Failure To That They Perish Like A Dry Grass On A Steep Mountain Lit With Fire

  5. Mano tek!

  6. whatever killed our senator shal one day b known.

  7. tell them that their judgement day is near

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