Your househelp salary has just gone up by 14% to 10,000

President Uhuru Kenyatta share a light moment with Deputy President William Ruto during the Labour day celebrations at Uhuru Park, Nairobi.Photo/PPS

President Uhuru Kenyatta share a light moment with Deputy President William Ruto during the Labour day celebrations at Uhuru Park, Nairobi.Photo/PPS

The government has announced a 14 per cent increase in minimum wage during  labor day celebrations at Uhuru Park in Nairobi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the increment during his first celebrations after being sworn in as fourth president of Kenya on March 4.

This means that your house help(domestic worker) will now earn 9,580 if you live in Nairobi plus NHIF,this comes to about 10,000.

Under the Kenyan law a domestic worker includes a cleaner, cook, gardener, nanny and housekeeper. Kenya passed the Domestic Workers’ Law in June 201.

Under Kenyan law, Minimum wage for domestic workers in cities is a monthly salary of sh8, 580,sh 7,916 in municipalities and sh 4,577 in other areas

  • Domestic workers are entitled to 2 days of rest every week and an annual leave of 21 days with full salary.
  • The Employment Act defines a penalty for those who do not comply with the law to six months imprisonment or a fine of 50,000 shillings
  • Employers who fail to remit NHIF deductions for their domestic workers,risk a monthly penalty amounting to 5 times the contribution

However most Kenyans have opposed this law terming it untenable.

“So I pay my worker the almost 8,000 I earn and  remain with 7,000,  I pay rent 5,000, I pay electricity 1,500, I pay water 500 and remain with zero. no shopping, to add salt to injury, 21 days off while I only get 2 days off per month,” says a mother of one.

The other problem is the level of retention of domestic workers in Kenya. Most rarely stick to a job for more that three months. It is a Kenyan joke that parents are always in the look out for a domestic worker.

Domestic workers now have a union, “The Kenyan Union of Domestic,Hotel, Educational Institutions,Hospitals,and Allied Workers.”


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  1. Zephaniah Keroro

    Its now three Months since The president announced the 14% increment but up to date the increment has not been Gazetted and My Employer Sheerlogic Mgt can’t pay before the Gazettement,what’s happening?why the delay?

  2. This 14% increment made kenyan labourers get “hope” but whats the use of that if twas increast by word of mouth n not physical paper in ower pockets, If u going to give hope to people dont delay it this long its september and still NOTHING …….

  3. Those are dreams why cant the government follow up this because now its not our employ its our organizatioq if you are paid 7000 30000 is theirs because you are under them and 1000 they save for you so by end mth you recieves 2500 on top they your id till they deducts a whole mth ralary as you security are we in kenya ama?

  4. I want a job as a house help,a Christian home.she should be understanding and good. should give me an off every weekend coz am also a human being. am a lady aged 22,thanks

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