Twitter suspends Al Shabaab account

Al shabaab Twitter account suspended

Al shabaab Twitter account suspended

Twitter has suspended an account run by Somalia rebel group Al shabaab a few days after the group posted graphical photos of a French soldier they killed in Mali.

Al shabaab operated the @HMSPress handle on twitter and has previously posted graphical photos of Kenyan soldiers killed in Kismayu. The group also posted photos of two Kenyan administrators they kidnapped in 2011 during the onset of Kenya invasion of Somalia to flush out the group.

Although Twitter has not confirmed the shut down, a message on the Twitter page used by al-Shabab in English said “Sorry,that user has been suspended.”

Al-Shabab’s Arabic-language Twitter account confirmed the page was deleted, saying it was a violation of its freedom of expression reports VOA. It was not clear why the Arabic account, which had also posted the photos and threats, was not also shut down.

On Thursday Al shabaab used the account to publish a video that threatened to execute the Kenyan hostages unless Kenya agrees to free Muslims arrested on terrorism charges and meets several other demands.


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