How a mother and daughter were butchered in Tana River

Daniel Kokani weeps while looking his dead wife and one and a half-year-old child at-who were killed-during-the Kibusu attacks photo-alphonce-gari

Daniel Kokani weeps while looking his dead wife and one and a half-year-old child at-who were killed-during-the Kibusu attacks photo-alphonce-gari

Sally Margaret and her one and a half year-old daughter Patience Daniel bodies lay in an open field after an attack at Kibusu village in Tana Delta region of the Kenyan Coast.

The two were among 12 people  killed on Thursday when armed raiders torched more than a dozen houses. Sally’s body lay sprawled in the sandy ground next to the lifeless body of her daughter.

A few metres from where the duo died a piece of cloth used to carry the little Patience rest,never to be used again by the mother of two whose only wish in life was probably to raise Patience and her brother.

Sally’s husband,Daniel Kokani, overwhelmed by grief weeps helplessly by the slain bodies of his loved ones. It is no ordinary thing for a man to weep so helplessly especially in the Tana where killings are becoming a norm.

A few metres away a pupil who was on his to look for firewood has been shot in the head with his body still hanging in a tree like a cloth in a drying line. Next door a nursery school boy lay sprawled on the ground with three deep panga cuts on his head. A bag still tightly clinging to his lifeless body.

A few yards away smouldering houses can been seen with a pungent smell of burning flesh emanating from the rubble.One can smell death everywhere and see it in the downcast faces of residence here. Inside the huts remnants of three members of a family,a 74-year-old granny and two grandchildren, were burnt to death after raiders razed their house.

In total, Kibusu village lost five children in a flash through the raiders pangas(machetes). Everywhere in the village wails of relatives mourning their dead rent the air.

Women were overcome by grief as the latest senseless killing descended on this sleepy village that for many years was little known but now was making international headlines.

The killings came less than 24 hours after raiders suspected to be from Pokomo attacked Nduru village in the volatile Tana Delta district on Wednesday killing 11 people.

The deaths bring to 178 those killed in Tana since August 2012 when the attacks started. 41 children and 53 women have so far been killed. With thousand displaced by the violence pitting Orma and Pokomo communities over land issues.

In August 2012, a series of ethnic clashes between the Orma and Pokomo tribes  resulted in the deaths of at 53 people.

The killings prompted the government to send a strong security team of 1,300 GSU officers in November to bring sanity into the area. President Mwai Kibaki also formed a commission of inquiry into the massacre.

Despite all these measures the killings has continued unabated with warring tribes locking out police officers from accessing the killing fields of Tana River.


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