A Kenya military coup in 2013? Makau Mutua predicts

The post on Makau Mutua's twitter handle that predicts military coup in Kenya in 2013

The post on Makau Mutua’s twitter handle that predicts military coup in Kenya in 2013

A renown columnist with Sunday Nation, Prof Makau Mutua,  posted a chilling message of a coup in Kenya  in March 2013 if Hague suspects get elected.

“I predict a military coup in Kenya after the March 2013 elections if those indicted for crimes against humanity are elected,” read the tweet. He went ahead to say:”I predicted in December 2007 Kenya would go to civil war. It did. Some politicians will take Kenya over the cliff if elected.” Posted Makau on his Twitter handle on December 23.

We had all missed the tweet until television anchor Terryanne Chebet wrote an open letter to the good professor at Buffalo Springs in the US.

Those indicted for crimes against humanity Makau is referring to are Jubilee Coalition flag bearer Uhuru Kenyatta and  his running mate Eldoret North MP William Ruto. The two will  face the ICC judges early April, the same day a presidential  runoff may take place if Kenya does not elect her president in the first round. The elections will be on March 4,only two months away.

Although any Kenyan know that if the duo are elected there will be heavy repercussion for the country, including sanctions by the international community,but to predict a military coup is way out of line.

A day like this in 2007 Kenya was burning. In that year all sign of violence had been spotted three months to the election day. The ODM and PNU parties had campaigned in tribal lines and threats of violence was a foregone conclusion. Over 1,000 people lost their lives and thousand more were displaced.

I remember then being called by my aunt after attacks at our rural home in Cherangani. Some neighbors I had known since childhood were killed in the chaos,livestock was stolen by the warriors who were not only armed with machetes but guns as well.

Today the happy valley of Bonde in Cherangani which for years was a hub of peaceful living has been turned to ghost homes with some family relocating from the area. The government early this month resettled IDPs in some of this land,it beats reason how the government decided to resettle victims of PEV on a PEV hotspot-but that is a story of another day.

Despite  the horrors of 2007 and the blame game that followed there after it is unwise for a distinguished professor to predict a military coup in 2013.Kenya is not a military state and the army tried and failed in 1982. As we enter 2013 we Kenyans should use the power of the ballot to bring change and shun doomsayers like Makau.


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  1. Even Mr Timberlake predicted the same and he was told off by his detractors who work day and night to ensure he’s silenced. Suddenly, everyone is agreeing with his prediction. Timberlake is an icon who’s hated for his bravery, anti-corruption fight, anti-segregationist, anti-tribalist, anti-election war campaigner and equal rights for all leader who was crucified for his personality. How could a Kenyan be hated for his birth? Was it his mistake he was born a bastard? Why is his worship or faith branded by politicians as cult? Why is his marriage to Esther branded a treason against a powerful cabinet minister? Come on..give us a break you haters. Now he cannot even step on Kenyan soil???

  2. The fact remains though, they will kill him no matter what! He needs more protection at this hour onward. He cannot stand against Raila and go skotfree, he must face the wrath of Luos. The decision has been reached. He should pray Raila doesn’t fail in elections.

  3. Raila and his goons might have hated Timberlake so much that he fled the country but reality now is dawning on his backyard where even his own loyalists are being slashed from power. He’s believed to use force when things do not work his way. If Timberlake was here things could have worked for the youth. They froze his accounts and demolished his homes but he is still alive somewhere in Asia. We all pray that he be safe wherever he is because a several hired militia groups have been dispatched to trace him and have him killed. What democracy is this? We youth shall prevail!!!!!

  4. Who the ‘@*# is timberlake?

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