Kenya new traffic laws: What you need to know

A matatu accident at Sigona near Nairobi that left seven people dead. New traffic laws are geared at curbing such accidents.

A matatu accident at Sigona near Nairobi that left seven people dead. New traffic laws are geared at curbing such accidents.

The last four days commuters have been stranded after the Amendment of section 12 of Cap 403 of the laws of Kenya  introduced stringent measures in road use.

The president signed the amendments making them law. The laws are aimed at bringing sanity to the road transport sector and reduce road carnage which now stands at an average of 3,000 deaths annually. But the public transport(matatu) have opposed the new laws and even gone to court.

Here are some of the changes that may affect you

  • Number plates: When you sell your vehicle, you should surrender the number plates to the registrar of motor vehicles. Remember to surrender the number plates to the registrar otherwise you risk being arrested and fined
  • Overlapping, obstruction, driving on pavement or through a petrol station to avoid traffic: You risk a fine of Kshs 100,000 -300,000 or One year in jail or both
  • Over speeding: When you over speed, you risk a fine of Kshs 10,000 or 3 months imprisonment or both
  • Careless Driving: Penalty of Ksh 500,000 or 10 years imprisonment or both
  • Careless driving causing death: Life Imprisonment. This is being treated like murder.
  • Driving under influence of alcohol: A fine of Ksh 500, 000 or ten years in jail or both.
  • PSV Operators: Should adhere to the uniforms and badges rules
  • Motor Cycle operators:One passenger only and the passenger and rider must be in reflective vests and helmets- otherwise you risk a fine of Kshs 10,000 and in default 12 months imprisonment
  • Pedestrians will pay a fine of up to sh10,000 if they cross the road while the traffic lights are red
  • Talking on phone while crossing the road will now attract a fine of sh5,000/

Other changes are:

  1. Road blocks are to be gazetted prior to being mounted by the police.
  2. Driving licenses of speed limit violators shall be suspended for not less than 3 years if the person has exceeded speed limit by more than 10 kph and if offence is repeated 3 or more times.
  3. Mandatory eye test every 3 years for licensed drivers. And if you fail the test then license is withdrawn
  4. All law enforcement officers (regular police and APs) are now effectively mandated to deal with traffic issues with the abolition of the Traffic Department under the Kenya Police Service Act.

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  1. john mwago wanjau

    this law are good infact they have always existed onnly not enforced to the core but when you impose a fine that one can’t paay that is denial of human right, isn’t it? police wull take advantage of them to.

  2. the laes can only be effected if the police stop taking bribes

  3. How cum i was charged 50000/=for overspeeding at 107kph

  4. 110kph is allowed for dual carriageway highways but 100kph for single

  5. i have a question; is it possible to change an engine of a motorbike? for example you got a honda frame and put a skygo engine.please help thank you

  6. the to strictly with all rules concerning traffic offences

  7. Sir/Madam, kindly clarify the penalty for causing death by drunk driving. The matter is treated as manslaughter which attracts a penalty of life imprisonment. The penalty in murder cases is death

  8. i was arrested coz of using a phone while driving wht is the fine in court

  9. what is the fine if im arrested on phone while driving

  10. Law is another reason for the traffic jam than it should be. The main reason is that the driver does not follow the rules. Called wayward drive Sweep left to right kind overtake it done like you do not mind the traffic police that it rule out Although tightening already.

  11. with such high traffic fines the authorities are just nurturing corruption.

  12. Hi,
    My complain is about how your officers behave on our roads. Theres this road from nyahururu to rimuruti and the t-junction to ng’arua. The 14 seaters carry 18 passengers n they stop to give a bribe yet somebody is cimmited to save lifes by sacrificing 18 lives by fifty bob. To my understanding, some of the matatus are owned by the officers making it difficult to complain. We want justice. We dont know what kind of a country we living in . Please take actions

  13. hi I got arrested today at waiyaki way next to safaricom (new) for overspeeding @ 80 kph ati instead of 50 kph,cash bail 10 k waiting for kesho to go to court and find out the charge.anyone know the charge.

  14. What the Police are doing on Waiyaki Way may be wrong. First there is not a single sign to warn drivers about the stipulated speed limit here. Secondly there are no rubble strips or bumbs to slow down the traffic. Thirdly the road here is a dual carriage where by the person driving on the first lane is supposed to maintain a prescribed speed limit. The only arguement the Police maintain is that the section is within a built up area. But built up areas extend all the way from Limuru to the CBD. There is nothing to show where the built up area starts and ends. This boils down to only one thing – Road signs. The police must first enforce the erection of the road signs before they embark on enforcing speed limit rules. They should first arrest those who have failed to erect such road signs before arresting innocent motorists. Otherise they can only be construed of being out to some mischief.

  15. Friends, tell me what the consequences are if I do not attend court. I paid a cash bail of 10k but the court house is far away from where I am.

  16. Very upset citizen

    Both the police and the magistrates are 2 sides of the same very filthy and dirty coin, better to avoid the magistrates, someone I know had their car detained due to supposedly worn out tires and a trumped up charge of obstruction, there was some traffic offence but the obstruction charge was a falsehood, and at a very isolated spot on Saturday morning the magistrates fine was Ksh 50,000 I couldn’t believe it, the cops are bad but the magistrates are far more stinky, be careful what false charges he cops put on your wrap sheet.

    May God have mercy on Kenya, our new and improved Judicial system is still manifestly evil, may they each get what they deserve, divine justice is the only recourse, talk about a banana republic why should judges be allowed to fine up to half a million on charges that are likely overstated and sometimes out rightly false.

  17. What is my line defense, I was caught by cops – charge being over speeding while joining the highway at Kikuyu. I have paid fine of 10k already. Im now waiting to appear in court. What really happens…?

  18. Hi i was charged at Busia border due to exceeding speed from 50kph to 56kph is it right pliz advice

  19. I was arrested for not obeying red traffic light n told to appear before milimani court n I don’t know where it is in Nairobi. tell me the charge for not stopping at red light.

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