KDF denies soldiers attacked Garissa

Kenya Army soldiers attached to AMISOM ready to storm Kismayu Photo/AU-UN

Kenya Defences Forces has denied reports that they razed down buildings and raped women in Garissa town after three KDF soldiers were killed on Monday. Yesterday there was heated debate in parliament castigating KDF for atrocities against Garissa residents.

In a series of tweets on KDF twitter handle,the force claimed it does not rape and destroy property as alleged.

Here are the Tweets
Our attention has been drawn to all manner of opinions and assertions on how KDF was deployed in Garissa for “this operation.” It is important for Kenyans to know that the military has been deployed in Garissa and other locations in the country since independence.

KDF has been in Garissa and other parts of Kenya since independence therefore we were not deployed in Garissa for we were already there.

Allegations suggesting KDF atrocities in Garissa are false and must cease.

Fact: On 19th November 2012 at around 1230hrs five KDF soldiers were attacked by a group of unknown gunmen at a tyre repair point.Three of the five soldiers were murdered by the gunmen.

A platoon was dispatched to go and secure the vehicle and bodies of the fallen soldiers. Information was received that the murderers were at a village called Bula Mzuri.
This information necessitated a joint operation between Kenya police and KDF in hot pursuit of the fleeing criminals.

It is important to note that KDF surrounded the village while the Kenya Police carried out the actual search.
At 1630hrs the exercise was called off having recovered a communication devise by 1700hrs all KDF soldiers were back in camp.

On Tuesday 20th November the Garissa military camp was fired at by unknown gunmen at 0930hrs. Military personnel did not return fire but moved to secure the camp and the airstrip.

Later in the day on Tuesday 20th November, a convoy heading to Wajir encountered a makeshift stones roadblock.Soldiers dismounted from the vehicles to clear stones off the road. unruly youth pelted them with stones forcing them to shoot in the air.

KDF does not rape, torture,loot, kill innocent women&children or burn business/residential property as some may want to believe or promulgate.when called upon to help in internal security KDF will conduct such operations with utmost care and concern of innocent civilians.

Our deepest condolences and prayers go to the families of the three fallen soldiers.


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  1. I strongly support the KDF operation. Those making noise should be left without security and then wait and see their reaction. A matter of security should never be taken for granted.
    KDF, please carry on with your good work.

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