24 dead Kenya policemen flown in,families cry foul

Final journey: The body of one of the 24 police officers killed in Samburu arrives at Chiromo mortuary,the number of those dead rose to 42.

After rotting in the sun for three days,the 24 bodies of the slain police officers were flown in to Wilson Airport amidst tight security. Journalist who had camped at the airport were barred from taking pictures of the arrival of the badly decomposing bodies.

In a move to save face President Mwai Kibaki hastily convened a ‘High Security’ meeting at his Harambee House office to deliberate on the Suguta Valley killings, four days after the massacre. The president ordered the immediate deployment of the Kenya Defence Forces to track and apprehend the raiders who fell the officers.

Seven police officers are still missing and any hopes of finding them alive is now dead.

Even as the government react to the killings families of the slain officers who had camped at Wilson Airport since Sunday blamed police for laxity. Most of those killed had served in the force for two months before they were deployed to the valley of death.

Kenyans are outraged my the casually manner the government has handled the death of the police officers: “If it was 30Mps who had died today we will have a whole week of mourning,but when 40 police die not even the flags are at half mast,” noted one Kenyan on Social media.

Others took issues with the president for not acting fast and address the nation.

The Police Commissioner Mathews Iteere when tasked to explain what went wrong during the Baragoi mission blamed the mission commander for the botched mission. “It is not my job to plan such missions,” he said promising the attackers the full force of the law.

“They were testing to see how deed the waters are,they will now know how deep it is,” Iteere told journalists as the two helicopters carrying the bodies landed at Wilson Airport.

Relatives were not allowed to view the arrival at the airport but had to chase the police lorries to Chiromo Mortuary where the bodies were taken.


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  1. It’s too sad. Let the military officers open the fire and work on this cattle rustlers.In addition to this,the security keeping mission in Kenya is beyond the internal deffence group.Let the army groups always proact.

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