Do you think Peter Kenneth can be Kenya 4th president?

Today Kenya National Congress Presidential Aspirant Peter Kenneth launched his presidential bid at KICC. He promises a fresh start for Kenya and a break from the past. Despite positive comments on the launch on Social Media, many Kenyans believe tribal politics will not let him.

“Peter Kenneth is the man.. n if Kenyans #KOT(Kenyans on Twitter) keep on this blind yuforia!! : He will be the best President Kenya never had,” Tanu Charles tweeted.

A concerned Simon Kariuki Njora: “Its sad that after this great speech by @Peter_Kenneth kenyans will go back to their tribal cocoons.” Simon is not far off on his worry. Kenyans are known to vote as a block for one of their own.

Kenneth in his campaign slogan “Tunawesmake” derived from the youthful slang “Hatuwesmake” which translate we cannot make it, is trying to reach the youthful voters who make up 60% of the eligible voters in Kenya. Kenneth knows if he rope in the  youth he is assured of a win in the 2013 election which so far looks like a repeat of 2007 when Kenya was balkanised in tribal blocks.

In his speech Kenneth focused on issues and not the political rhetoric synonymous with Kenyan politicians. On Sunday there were no vitendawilis,no ICC and Hague issues and the only mention of tribe is his call for Kenyans to shun it.

“Peter Kenneth ain’t a popular candidate. But he’s the right candidate for Kenya. But ‘mtu wetu’ syndrome won’t help,” lamented Kelly Akuku on his Facebook post a few minutes after Kenneth made his speech.

Many compared his speech and style of politics to Obama and US election campaigns. He was flanged by his family. His young son Andrew Kenneth made a passionate speech and he instantly became a darling of the ladies.

“If elections here were about issues and policies like in the US then Peter Kenneth is the man,” added another Social Media enthusiast Anthony Mwangi.

He seems to be drawing support from all tribes in Kenya and has already been endorsed by some online groups like the Young Kenya professionals(YP).

“There comes a time when a change becomes inevitable, ‘The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all’ I fully endorse PK as my 4th president,” posted one fresh support of Kenneth in the group’s posting.

But there was also word of caution for Kenneth in the same group. And valid advice from one Francis Mwenja who warns that even if he is endorsed by the people he still needs to forge alliances with like minded politicians in order to survive in parliament.

“We can endorse him as YP but lets look at it clearly. For a president under the current constitution to implement what they speak ,he needs the Senator house and the members of parliament in the house for support,” warns Mwenja.

Kenya politics is weird and already we are seeing ‘coalition’ talks between the leading politicians all selling their tribal voting blocks. We have seen Uhuru Kenyatta with his Central votes court William Ruto with his Kalenjin votes. Raila Odinga who has unwavering support in Luo-Nyanza reaching out to Ruto and Kalonzo Musyoka. Another presidential aspirant who had started with a lot of steam but he has been cooling off is Musalia Mudavadi who is still an unwilling bride in the political matchmaking.

Can Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua who have avoided any talks on coalition with ‘like minded’ partners survive this election?

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  1. encourage him to put more effort.

  2. jipange buda

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