Kenya in Somalia one year on: Some memorable events

Troops from the Kenyan Contingent are seen on the back of a flat-bed military truck as they form-up in the early morning ahead of an advance on the Somali port city of Kismayo. PHOTO / STUART PRICE.

Today marks one year since Kenya stormed Somalia. Then Al shabaab was a strong and vile force that issues threats to the ‘career’ Kenya army.

But one year down the line the chest thumbing Al shabaab has swallowed its pride and has scattered like chaff on a windy day.

Today as KDF celebrates one year of success in Somalia at Nanyuki barracks,many cannot help but smile at threats and dangers they have encountered throughout the campaign.

Just three days after the Kenyan army stormed Somalia they lost a military chopper in unclear circumstances dampening the spirit of an army that was seen by many then as a career army.

Read how Kenya Reporter covered the war throughout the year

On Day three of the war we captured the mood of the war with this story published on October 17 2011.

A few hours after Kenya entered Somalia, five Kenya military personnel are reported killed in Liboi after their chopper crashes on developing mechanical problems.

The group called on Somalis to rally and attack the Kenyan troop even as news coming in say the terror group has been forced out of two strongholds in Southern Somali.

“Kenya violated the territorial rights of Somalia by entering our holy land, but I assure you that they will return disappointed, God willing,” Sheikh Hassan Turki, a senior  al shabaab leader, is quoted by Al Jazeera as saying.

“Mujahideen fighters will force them to test the pain of the bullets.”

Turki has told Somalis to stand united against “this blood-thirsty enemy that has crossed into our territories and the apostate Somali militants helping them”.

October 18 2011, Kenya army captures 5 al shabaab strongholds in Somalia. Information then was scanty,there was no Major Emmanuel Chirchir to update media on the war. Some of the stories were factually wrong.

October 19 2011, 75 al shabaab dead as Kenya guns aim at Kismayu

October 19 2011, Kidnapped French woman dead as al shabaab moves aid worker to Kismayu

And on October 24 just 10 days after the invasion of Somalia the al shabaab hit back by attacking a Kenyan bar. 14 injured in grenade attack in Nairobi as jets hit Kismayu

On October 25,2011 a day after the grenade attack KDF which had started updating the media suddenly stopped its updates. Kenya Reporter captured the event in this story. Kenya army stops war updates as one is killed in a second grenade attack.

After the two grenade attacks the al shabaab propaganda mill woke up. and on October 25 2011 a story was published by Iranian Press TV on two Kenyan jets shot down. Army denies two Kenyan jets fighters crashed in Somalia.

The busy October was crowned by KDF sinking al shabaab boats. October 31 2011. Kenya navy sinks 2-al shabaab boats kills 10 in Anole

After a whole year in Somalia,KDF finally captured Kismayu. We captured it in pictures on October 7 2012, KDF storms Kismayu in pictures


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