Kenya doctors shift strike to Twitter

  1. DrAtandij
    @ellatell :THIS BEST DEFINES OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM’.no ambulances to the poor #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:39:49
  2. It is now three weeks since Kenyan doctors went on strike.The strike began when KMPDU, put government to task over payment of registrar allowances of about sh90,000 per month. Government through the health minister Anyang’ Nyong’o refused to engage them,and now they have turned to social media.The doctors have coined hashtag #peremendemovement on twitter to get back at Nyong’o for his comment that the government cannot use tax payers money to give peremende(sweets) to a crying child(doctors). And the fury started. KMPDU kicked the salvo with this comment.
  3. kmpdu
    “Absence of the health agenda in the politician’s agenda. How do we change this? Zero votes for zero health agenda #peremendemovement” – VN
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 23:46:31
  4. And the doctors had statistics to fight with. Showing that our healthcare is indeed in a sick bay if not in High Dependency Unit.
  5. DrJobMogire
    In Kenya:: in 1994> 3000 Doctors, in 2013 less than 3000 doctors; 1994 just 210 MPs, 2013 more than 400MPs. WHY? #peremendemovement @kmpdu
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:38:19
  6. drizzlechinko
    kenya,doctor patient ratio is 17/100,000 against an ideal of 100/100,000 then you go ahead and fire all of them,really? #peremendemovement
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 08:21:45
  7. The doctor patient ratio is something the government need to worry about. With a doctor for every 100,000 Kenyans is enough reason for government to take the strike serious. But the government announced the sacking of all the striking doctors and put adverts for new ones. No progress report has been given yet regarding the recruitment of new doctors.
  8. kmpdu
    It will be a good thing for government to employ 2000 doctors.
    Who will then immediately join the strike.
    We got an extreme doctors shortage
    Wed, Sep 26 2012 03:25:16
  9. kmpdu
    59yrs post independence Kenya has no pediatric neurosurgeon &the only one training: me, has been fired? #peremendemovement
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 02:12:48
  10. Aqualiscious
    surely “@DrJobMogire: VPs posh new residence cost us over 900m; a modern radiotherapy machine worth 63m is unaffordable? #peremendemovement”
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 22:36:13
  11. ItsMainaMgeni
    RT @ochiengmd: I’ve had to scrub out of surgery to go donate blood for the patient am operating on. Unacceptable! #peremendemovement #kot
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 22:36:05
  12. Sorry pictures of the state healthcare were shared. One include this of a donkey being used as an ambulance. Kenya has a big shortage of emergency medical response.
  13. collowangulu
    Govt: There are ambulances in every hospital in Kenya. #peremendemovement sample tht @bettymurungi @IdaOdinga
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:35:03
  14. Josemulongo
    sori frnd i know theres a bullet smwher in ur abdomen/spine n al jst go in prayn al find it. xray machn is down. #peremendemovement
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 22:36:03
  15. msemmoja
    Its only in our beautiful kenya that all blood pressure machines are faulty in the hospital. #peremendemovement
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 22:36:03
  16. DocMzii
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 22:35:57
  17. And the doctors got support

  18. And the doctors got support from Kenyans. The shocking state of healthcare as portrayed by the tweets trigger some anger on the social media sphere.
  19. Nakuru Health Workers and Nurses strike.
    Mon, Feb 27 2012 16:00:00
  20. gladyswanga
    I support #Peremendemovement our HCWs must be treated with the dignity we expect them to treat us and our families with as patients
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:34:41
  21. GoddyJatelo
    u fire the doctor,raise my NHIF contribution & say am getting better health! hell has a special place for u #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:39:28
  22. collins_mbote
    Some countries are sending probes to mars. Kenia is still fighting measles. Its still 1972 #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:37:54
  23. nyawira_jane
    when you loose a diabetic patient because the relatives could not get a chemist open at 3am to buy insulin and a syringe #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:37:25
  24. bettymurungi
    Health care is a Social Justice issue. #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:37:24
  25. MusilaG
    Achieving vision 2030 when our district hospital lab can only perform a urinalysis and malaria test, HOW? #peremendemovement
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:33:41
  26. Wang_Rwang
    51% of Kenyan health workers now work abroad; they’d likely return with improvement in healthcare industry #peremendemovement @kpmdu
    Tue, Oct 02 2012 14:27:41
  27. Kabuekiriiri
    When kenyans die some say its is the coursre of fate.we disagree,its because of the poor/nonexistent healthcare.#peremendemovement@kmpdu
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:37:01
  28. KevinMoseAgwata
    Kenyan health system is in the ICU, and Someone is busy trying to switch off the monitoring machines! I support the #Peremendemovement.
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:35:38
  29. Kabuekiriiri
    A hospital pharmacy having no amoxil.gentamicin.xpen.Just close them down and stop lying to kenyans#peremendemovement@kmpdu
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:49:05
  30. esallyn
    I hear Kenyan Mp’s are the highest paid in Africa.A country where Doctors & Teachers went on strike not too long ago. Smh Beautiful Africa!
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:26:35
  31. ArapSmith
    Seriously?20 days of doctors being on strike & the govt hasn’t noticed the crisis?In a country already struggling with health issues?#kot
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 00:13:57

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  1. Hmmmm! This #peremendemovement is fantastic. I wish it existed those days when I worked for over 10 years for the MoH (now MoMS)- as internist then as MO I. Following the strike of 1994, I called it quit- since I could no longer stand the rot! I have a lot of narrations (am sorry I did not capture any image- evidence of the rot). Doctors please do not hesitate to expose the rot in the health sector. The aim is to get “wavumilivu” or the poor suffering Kenyans to understand the gravity of the matter. But where are the “Human Rights Activists” to champion the case? Doctors, remain warriors and keep on fighting. Long life KMPDU.

  2. By the end of the first week of october 2012, Prof Nyong’o had lost to the #peremendemovement….. and eventually got forkfed the peremende by the striking doctors!

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