KDF jets destroy Al Shabaab armoury

Kenya Defence Forces,KDF, jets have destroyed an Al Shabaab armory store and warehouse at Kismayu airport according to a tweet by KDF.

“Area is currently sealed off from on-lookers. Shaping-up operation! ” reads the tweet.
This is signal the much awaited Kismayu onslaught has begun. The port city of Kismayu is the only  remaining Al Shabaab stronghold.

Yesterday KDF border patrol engaged Shabaab infiltrators at Kolbiyo. Two Al Shabaab militia were killed and  three escaped back into Somalia. During the encounter two KDF soldiers were  injured.

KDF has also dismissed allegations made by Al shabaab that they were killing Somalis indiscriminately.

“Allegations of KDF/SNA shooting everything that is moving in Sector II is not true. Pure propaganda from alshabaab & their sympathizers,” said KDF.


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  1. Great work Guys!t is coming to pass! Some of those surrendering were the ones flogging a KDF soldier in the streets of Kisimayo? or have knowledge of the where the body was interned?

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