Al shabaab slaughter Kenyan soldiers in Kismayu

Brutal:Al shabaab militants pull a body of a KDF soldier in the street of Kismayo Photo/HSMPress

Al shabaab terror group has posted photos of four soldiers they killed in Kismayo on Friday. The group claim the four are Kenyan soldiers but a closer look at their uniforms shows only two are KDF soldiers.

Photos of the four were posted on their twitter handle @HSMPress . In one photo a KDF soldier is pictured with a packet of Sportsman cigarette,Equity bank card, his ID card and an Airtel line. The other shows ‘locals’ dragging a body through the streets of Kismayu.

KDF spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir confirmed the killings. He said  three injured Kenyans had been flown to Dhobley fro treatment.

“To the people of Kismayu…be on the look out where the remains of our Hero’s will be buried. That will be the our welcome gesture,” Tweeted Chirchir.

The group further claims that the mujahideen (Al shabaab soldiers) attacked the Kenyan base at Afmadow and razed it down.

“At least 7 other KDF vehicles in the base, which were damaged during the course of the battle, have also been destroyed by the Mujahideen,” claims Al shabaab. But AMISOM said it was them who destroyed seven Al Shabaab vehicles.

We can not confirm this but Al shabaab says they captured two Kenyan trucks fully loaded with ammunition from the Kenyan base in Afmadow.

But AMISOM has refuted the claims. AMISOM Force Commander Lieutenant Andrew Gutti said it was mere propaganda that they had lost ground in Afmadow.

@HSMPress taunted the Kenyans in the photos captions.

“Certainly this Kenyan Kafir won’t be smoking his Sportsman cigarettes in hell,” said one. “He wanted to come to Kismayo. His wish has been fulfilled,” shouted another.

“Just like all invaders before them, Kenyan soldiers were mercilessly dragged in the streets of Kismayo by an angry mob,” shouts another caption with the photos of Somalis dragging a body in Kismayu.

“And after all that,KDF corpses are now left for the dogs to devour. Welcome to Kismayo fellas.”

“Hundreds of Kismayo residents turned out to see the KDF Corpses chanting ‘death to the Kenya invaders.”

“This one had a really short career in the army, didn’t he? He never thought he’d bite the dust this quick!” another tweet reads with and ID of a younger KDF soldier.

KDF condemned the display of their soldiers in Kismayo;”In fact KDF has never disrespect the thousands of the Al shabaab fighters neutralized. We have respected the dead Al Shabaab.”


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  1. Alshabab are desperate.they are now using propaganda to instill fear in kenyan citizens.they know that anytime they will surrender kisimayu to our troops as they did to other town we captured.if its true they have the bodies of our heros let them post the svc numbers and names of the soldiers coz we know our soldiers by svc numbers not by uniform.anybody can put on an army uniform and claim to be a KDF soldier.aslshab should be realistic.we have killed uncountable alshabab and we dont brag.why are they rising an alerm on only 3 soldiers.this is war its not a friendly football match,both sides will suffer casualties and deaths but the issue is how many soldiers u loose in the end.ofcourse alshabab have suffered a heavy loss.KDF are proffessional soldiers not gorrillas like ashabab.

  2. Remind me again what are we doing in Somalia ?

  3. Our troops in somalia are flushing out al shabaab militia along the kenya somali border,coz they have been a cause of insecurity in the region.we cant just sit and watch these bastards killing our innocent citizens.we wil hit them until kenyans feel they are safe.

    • SAFE and some of our people are killed????? why not concentrate on ones own country? built your country even if from the border!!!

      • Its important to make sure that somalia has a goverment if we real want to be safe in our country they have turned that country into a training base for the alqaeda and alshabab.

      • We must understand that in every war sacrifices are there and those are our heros.even at the times of mau mau.the likes of dedan kimathi.

  4. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess Iˇ¦ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  5. Are we loosing this war? me thinks our propaganda is only meant for us to continue supporting a war whose cost is un sustainable.. we are tax payers and need a full and comprehensive report on this!!

  6. keep it up kdf you must win

  7. Kdf they will win but, let test the water, walikuwa wakila na kunya pesa za raia. hooooore alshabab

    • you deserve to follow your brothers the alsbb in eternal hell.

      • Its hightime we congratulate our kdf.theyve fought a high tech.war for the first time in our history many forces were there but didnt succeed even the so called superpower.

  8. Please watch out instruct the bustard americans to move in with air strike uregntly to finish the same dogs alshabab

  9. My fellow kdf soldiers i know kismayo is already in your hands though being in anight stop area.Take note that soldiers never die And if they die they never rote and if they dont sting.Gentle men clear those weeds.

  10. This is not a game of cricket! its war? so bravo kdf n you will capture
    kismayo there is no doubt.

  11. we are american marine corp.we have finished with afghanstan war and we hope to be sent there. those are just childrens war

  12. kdf are suppossed to recruit more soldiers than this year we are looking forward to here from you next year

  13. but dont recruits officers children they fear war so they will end up retiring job

  14. KDF, continue fighting. Death is always part of war. But the Al-shabaab brag after killing only 3 soldiers? And they are engaging in propaganda to boost their morale.

  15. alshaabab are nothing!! these are just the kicking of a dying dog! wait 4 us we are joining the army soon! our fallen soldiers are our heros…. alshaabab must cease to exist.

  16. patriotism but something too makes some Kenyans insensitive, the question is why?

  17. we are ready for it you terrorists! NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER…to our couragiuos soldiers its now a really WAR FACE THEM SOBERLY…SHOOT ANYTHING DREESED IN BUIBUI OR SHUKAS YOUNG OR OLD for they can as well dress like muslim women to confuse US AND STOP OFFERING MEDICAL SERVICES TO THOSE ALSHABAAB HOOLIGANS…live them to die more so in Kisimayu…LET THE LORD GOD OF DAVID CRUSH THEM ALL THROUGH US! THEY MUST PAY DEARLY THE BLOOD OF OUR HEROES NOW!… to my fellow KENYANS be vigilant and report anything linked to them to the relevant institutions or destroy it too!!!

  18. Condolences to those families who have lost loved ones in KDF. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice made to protect all of us from terrorism….May God give us all strength during this war. Bravo KDF! You have made us proud!

    • Made ‘Us’ Proud ?! The war is just starting…! Do u HAV any idea about these jihadist style of fighting, ‘they have never had anything to loose!” They can fight like this forever…u need help from a more combat ready and expirienced African nation’ coz all I can see is kenya getting her big Fat ‘nyash’ handed to her….

  19. my condolence to the kdf and family member,my God rest his soul in eternity coz its peace they went there to restore peace in the country.

  20. My friend,we mean it,yes true and patriotic kenyans must defend their country to the last one.we will not relent till alshabab goes to hell.

  21. While KDF are making us proud, the police in Garissa, and along the Thika -Mwingi-Garissa highway are busy bribe-taking, letting suspected bombers through. No wonder, they goons have turned their guns on the officers themselves! Tell me why the eastern sections of all the refugee camps in Dadaab are NOT patrolled by Police? Can I know why the police only escort UN staff and do nothing about about security in the camps? This is what the commissioner calls ‘BEEFING UP’.

  22. christopher Opondo

    kdf never give up

  23. To our fallen brothers,thankyou for the ultimate sacrifice and may you find peace. To the living and breathing brothers and sister out there and back home, lets FORGE on in our sweat and blood….under the living God’s sun. Let our future generations be able to stand PROUD under our Beautiful flag and vow to protect it as you did, never to let your Effort and Resolve down. May God bless KENYA and may God bless the KENYA DEFENCE FORCE!

  24. To our fallen brothers,thank you for the ultimate sacrifice and may you find peace. To the living and breathing brothers and sister out there and back home, lets FORGE on in our sweat and blood….under the living God’s sun. Let our future generations be able to stand PROUD under our Beautiful flag and vow to protect it as you did, never to let your Effort and Resolve down. May God bless KENYA and may God bless the KENYA DEFENCE FORCE!

  25. These people just kill who ever they want they are out of their minds

  26. To all al-shabaabs, ur mere meeks,sturborn and all of u,go to hell!

  27. rest in peace sildier

  28. rest in peace boy

  29. Why waste time with somalia?

  30. kudos kenyan commandos .real men never give up i was proud of you even before those cowards who fight like women killing innocent children started intruding in the kenyan soil . continue showing them the quality of kenyan blood. am proud to be on the winners side.motivation motivation soldiers.

  31. Bravo!bravo!bravo kdf.thnx 4 ua good job.may almighty God be on your side as u bring down these cowards dogs called alshabaab…..victory is yours KDF

  32. Maulana ailide nchi yetu na jeshi yetu Gideon of the bible

  33. good job KDF for squizing the hell out of the so called alshabaab!
    for the alshabaab you have no place in kenya.we will be joining KDF soon to hit your head together.wolan kenya!!!

  34. let’s not be worried by those propagadas kdf congrant we nu ur strong

  35. War is not a friendly football match both sides got to loose so I don’t see the point that these Somali gorillas try to prove anyway fear has crept into their hearts and their cowardice instincts are showing.kudos our gallant commandoes certainly victory is yours.


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