Terror suspect Aboud Rogo shot dead

Shot dead:Controversial Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo who was shot a few hours ago at Pirates beach in Mombasa

Controversial Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo has been shot dead at Pirates beach along Mombasa-Malindi highway in Mombasa. Rogo was a key terrorism suspect on US most wanted list. Watch video of his killing here

The cleric was in a private Matatu from his home in Kikambala to  hospital before  gunmen shot at him while in the driver’s seat. He died instantly. In the car was his wife Hannia Said, Abdalla Ali and her 5 year-old daughter. His wife was shot in her right leg

The police has  reached the scene of crime but his co-accused with a gang of Muslim youths have whisked the body away for burial.

Rogo was among three Kenyans whose assets were frozen by the US government over alleged links to terrorism.

But the three  Aboud Rogo, Abubaker Shariff Ahmed and Omar Awadh Omar  denied the charges and challenged the US government to table evidence against them.

On July 24 the two terror suspects Aboud Rogo and Abubakar Sharif had asked the High court to transfer their hearing to the Mombasa law courts. The two then had claimed that their lives were in danger after the attempted abductions at the Milimani courts.

Senior Principal Magistrate PC Biwott ordered  police to investigate the claims and asked the suspects to make an application at the High Court in order to transfer the case to Mombasa.


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  2. what was wrong with him? Innocent Muslims killed but you will never wipe Islam out!!!

  3. Innalillahy wainileyhi Rajiun, RIP Uncle!

  4. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun…

  5. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

  6. Wherever you have americans meddling, there will never be peace!
    Inna lilla hi wa inna illaihi rahjioun!

  7. Inna llillahi wainna illehi raajiun,Allah thea for him en his family,

  8. thanks allah you died a shahid one of the unsang heroes

  9. Innalillahy wainileyhi Rajiun, RIP

  10. They have to killing themselves.

  11. so long as we stand for the truth,Allah will always be there for us.

  12. u will not kill an innocent man of god who preaches the truth n walk away jus lyk n expect lyf wil b okay,………..ALLaH is there watchin ur evil plans……..your lyf wil be miserable by allah’s will both in this world n da hereafter………….remember one thing, u r just a cause but its allah who killed him, coz no man kills anothr man except its God’s will.

  13. May Allah grant him paradise!If a kenyan citizen can be coldly shot with bullets in a day light,What about foreighners?Tourists and foreighners it seems the country isnt safe anymore.KENYANS take care the worst war is between religions.

  14. Iamabovereligion

    Watu wanaopost hapa vitu vya ujinga, hamjui mnachofanya.
    Don’t let our country be another Nigeria.
    Please, love is what moves mountains, what makes the world go round.
    Alhamdullilah, I am a Muslim, and I love my Christian brothers.
    If there are Christian extremists, we forgive them for the sake of our country, just as we request our Christian brothers to forgive our Muslim extremists.
    Na ninaamini kwamba waliochoma hilo kanisa si Wakenya bali kina alshabaab wanaojaribu kutuharibia undugu.

  15. I dont think he was a terrorist but since America said so kenyans will stupidly follow till to date they hvnt found any proof that means NOT GUILTY, TILL PROVEN. They hate Islam, They hate Muslims, thats why they will always fight us to the bitter End. To all Muslim brother and sisters in MOMBASA We love our City so late us make it Safe. i dont care about the Tourists that much coz the whole Revenue income goes to those Bastards in Nairobi. Mombasa goes empty….Viva MOMBASA Republique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Al-shabab has no interest in Kenya you all Dummies…..wat America says is not always True America Dont give a damn for Africa in General why u ppl dont concentrate on our real problems like CORRUPTION! America always works for its own benefit actually all Whites or first world they realy realy dont care….wat is happening in Africa its only when they feel there is danger on there way then they sarts stamping this person and that are terrorists, OUR GOVERMENT is FULL of TERRORIST they Should start there first…

  17. How dare they kill inocent people.ruthless inna lilahi wa ina ilei rajiun

  18. How dare they kill inocent people.ruthless people

  19. Hey the first time he was acquitted was because the witnesses were too scared to testify. My opinion is criminal elements in this country take advantage of police laxity in conducting proper investigations.Nobody has the right to drag this issue into a religious battle.criminals or anyone breaking the law has to be dealt with as stipulated in the constitution.

  20. i always agree and interested about every topics in this blog. really inspiring. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails

  21. Its not right that he was killed especially infront of his family. But do you have to burn churches?? How many pastors have you heard going round in semi automatics shooting down people. This was a professional hit. Vent your anger on the Mossad or Americans leave Christians in peace. Lest we let God fight the war for us! !

  22. Good morning. The content is very useful

  23. Good. Another sand nigger dead. Fuck the family for not killing him first. They should have shot the wife too. Good work kwekwe squad. Stupid religion and their fucking jihad. Jesus is the king. Muhhammad just another scum fuck

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