44 Kenyans killed in terror attacks since 2010

Hand grenade that have been used in terror attacks in Kenya

Old wine in new skin is what most Kenyans have termed yesterday’s reshuffle of police and provincial administrators in Kenya to fight runaway terrorism. You have to understand the pessimism with which Kenyans treat security in the country under the watchful eyes of the same police officers.

Yesterday the police released a list of transfer of police officers with North Easter province being the most affected. The PPO Leo Nyongesa who has been there for less than a year has been recalled to Nairobi. The NEP PC Jame ole Serian has been deployed to quieter Western province and Coast PC Ernest Munyi has been deployed to the grenade happy Garissa where 17 worshipers were killed in church.

Even as the government shuffles its security team a look at attacks shows that atleast 44 Kenyans have been killed in a terror attack in the country since the Uhuru Park Grenade attacks during a NO rally on the constitution.

Find the chronology of attacks and the list of police reshuffle below.

The list of terror attacks in Kenya since June 2010

16th June, 2010: Six worshipers killed and 30 injured in a grenade attack at Uhuru Park.

4th December 2010: Three policemen including two traffic police officers and an AP killed in separate grenade attacks in Nairobi. 20th December 2010: One person killed, 26 injured after a grenade ex- plodes at Kampala Coach bus terminus,River Road.

17th October 2011: One person killed and 15 injured after a grenade is thrown into Mwauras pub in Nairobi.

24th October 2011: One person killed and 8 injured when a grenade is thrown at OTC bus stage.

16th November 2011:  Two people are killed in a grenade attack on Garissa’s East African Pentecostal church.

27th October 2011: Four people are killed when a grenade hits a vehicle carrying KCSE material in Mandera.

24th November 2011: Three people killed in twin grenade attacks on Garissa’s Holiday Inn hotel.

4th April 2012: Two people killed 30 in- jured in grenade attacks at church crusade in Mtwapa.

28th April 2012: One person is killed and 16 injured at God’s House of Miracles International Church in Nairobi’s Ngara area.

16th May, 2012: A security guard is killed after two grenades are lobbed into Bella Vista bar in Mombasa.

28th May 2012: One die and 30 injured after an explosion rocks Assanands building along Moi venue in Nairobi.

25th June 2012: One person is killed and several others injured during a grenade attack on Jericho pub in Mombasa.

1st July 2012: 17 killed and 40 injured in twin attacks on Garissa AIC and Catholic churches.


No.   PF/No.      NAME                                                        

1.    Mr. Njue Njagi, DCP                                – From PPO Nyanza to Director Operations PHQS.

2.    Mr. Francis Munyambu, DCP                  – Posted from PPO RVP to PPO Central Province.

3.    Mr.Joel Mboya Kitili, MBS, DCP              – Posted from Cdt Prescort to CFA PHQS.

4.    Mr. Alfred Kambona Ombaba,DCP          – Posted from Dep./Dir.OPS to PPO Western.

5.     Mr. John Kaua M’Mbijiwe, EBS,HSC       -Posted from PPO Central to PPO Rift Valley Province.

6.    Ms. Grace S. Kaindi, MBS,ndc(K) DCP     – Posted from Dir.Complaints to Cdt KAPU.

7.    Mr. Leo Ijora Nyongesa, EBS, OGW, DCP -Posted from PPO NEP to Director Complaints.

8.    Mr. Benson Kibui Githinji, EBS, DCP      – Posted from PPO Western to Commandant Traffic.

9.    Mr. Joseph M. Oletito, MBS,Ag.DCP        – Posted from Commandant Traffic to PPO Nyanza Province.

10.  Mr. Philip K. Tuimur, MBS, ndc(K) Ag. DCP _Posted from Commandant KAPU to PPO North Eastern Province.

11.  Mr. Francis Njiru, S/ACP                       -Posted from PCIO RVP to SO(OPS) CID HQRS.       

12.  Mr. Gedion Muoki Kimilu, MBS, S/ACP – Posted from Cdt CID Training School and appointed Deputy/DCI

13. Mr. Peter Mwau Muinde, OGW, S/ACP   –        Posted from PCIO N/Area to Commandant CID T/School.

14. Mr. Francis W. Mwangi, OGW, S/ACP    –        Posted from CO Recce COY. GSU and appointed Cdt. Prescort.

15.  Mr. Samuel Orina Nyabengi, MBS          –        Posted from PCIO Western to PCIO Rift Valley.

16. Dr. Hamisi S. Massa,MBS, S/ACP          –        Posted from Ex-NDC to OC ANU CID

17.  Mr. William O. Thwere, MBS, S/ACP    –        Posted from Dep.PPO Western to Deputy /DOL.

18. Mr. Nicholas I. Kamwende, MBS,S/ACP   –       Posted from Ex-NDC to PCIO Nairobi.

19. Mr. Noor Yarow Gabow, OGW, S/ACP     –        Posted from SO(OPS) to Dep.PPO NEP

20. Mr. Philip Ndolo Ndunda, S/ACP           –        Posted from Dep. PPO NEP to Dep.Dir OPS  PHQS.

21. Mr. John Kiplasoi Maritim, S/ACP           –     Posted from PCIO NEP to PCIO Western Province.

22. Ms. Jacinta M. Kinyua, OGW, S/ACP     –        Posted from Dep.PPO Coast to Staff Officer Personnel CID HQS.

23. Mr. Douglas K. Kanja,OGW, Ag.S/ACP    –        Posted from CFA to GSU

24.  Mr. Zakayo Kipkemboi Tum, Ag.S/ACP  –        Posted from SO(OPS) CID HQS to Dep.PPO Central

25.Mr. Vitalis Otieno Okumu, ACP              –        Posted from Dep. OC ANU to PCIO North Eastern Province.

26. Mr. Robert Kipkemoi Kitur,ACP              –        Posted from SO(OPS)  Central and appointed Dep.PPO Coast.

27.  Mr. Gerald Silas Mbaabu, OGW, ACP     –        Posted from ACP (P) NEP and appointed Dep.PPO Western.

28.  Mr. Benjamin Kiptoo Kogo,OGW, ACP    –        Posted from CO HQS Coy GSU to SO(OPS)Eastern Province

29.   Mr. William Kipkemboi Singoei, ACP      –       Posted from Dep. COY ‘R’ COY GSU and appointed to CO ‘R’ COY.

30.   Mr. Ephantus K. Kiura, ACP                 –        Posted from SO(OPS) Rift Valley to SO(OPS) Central Province.

31.   Mr. Wilberforce Lugusa Ndagona, ACP –        Posted from SO(OPS) Eastern to SO(OPS)  Rift Valley Province.

32.   Mr. David Bunei, SSP                             –     Posted from OCPD Langata and appointed  ACP(P) NEP

33.  Mr. Johstone Ipara, SSP                          –      Posted from OCPD Nakuru to OCPD Trans Mara.

34.  Mr. Titus Yoma,SSP                             –       Posted from OCPD Trans Mara to OCPD Langata.

35. Mr. Felix Munyambu, SSP                     –        Posted from OCPD Garissa to OPS PHQS.

36.  Mr.Benard Kioko Muindi,SSP               –       Posted from SSP(P)Western to OCPD Nakuru.

37.  Mr. George Losku Ali, SSP                    –       Posted from OCPD Bomet to OCPD Garissa.

38.   Ms. Harriet Wanyama, SSP                   –        Posted from OCPD Kangundo to OCPD Bomet.

39.  Mr. Wilson Waqo Abduba,SSP                –        Posted from Dep. SO(OPS) Nyanza to OCPD Kangundo.

40. Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamood, SP    –     Posted from Dep. OCPD Suba and appointed SSP(P) Western.







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