Ojode wife needs protection on her cash

United in Grief:The casket bearing the body of Orwa Ojode at the grave side in Ndhiwa with the wife Mary left,President Mwai Kibaki,PM Raila Odinga,VP Kalonzo Musyoka looking on Photo/File

The elder brother to the late Kenya Internal Security assistant minister Joshua Orwa Ojode,who perished in a horror chopper crash, has written to the Speaker of National Assembly, Kenneth Marende to stop payment to the widow Mary Ojode. In the letter addressed to Marende and National Assembly, Samuel Ojode wants any compensation or death benefits to the widow or any other party stopped until matters relating to the Administration of the estate are resolved.

The letter in part reads: “I write this letter on behalf of our mother, Ulda Aloo Ojode and other dependants of the deceased whom the deceased’s widow Mary Ojode has totally refused to discuss or co-operate on matters relating to the deceased’s estate.”

Ojode’s brother says if any payment must be made, the same should be paid to the public trustee who will hold the same for the benefit of all the dependants.

The letter comes a few days after Jubilee insurance released a cheque of sh30million to Marende for compensation of deceased minister John Michuki,George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode. The families will each get sh10m plus another sh10million. It is the 20million and other wealth that Samuel is now eying.

The truth is time for relatives to take over the widows property after death of a spouse ended with the enactment of the new constitution. Mary lost a husband in a grisly plane crash and she is still in mourning,the least the relatives should be doing is help her mourn the loss.

We are hoping that the relatives will not demand to inherit her as per the luo custom against her wish. The way the government handled the funeral arrangements is the same way we expect it to protect this widow. It is now a norm for helpless widows in Kenya to lose tones of cash after death of spouse when suddenly long lost relatives appears and demands to take over their wealth.



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  1. It is a shame from a grown up man who instead of working to build his estate is busy chasing after his bro’s property. It is time he got to know that Mrs Ojode is still alive and has all the rights whether she consulted or not to administrate what rightfully belonged to her family. The death of Mheshimiwa does not under any law of the land, confer ownership and administrative rights to Ojode senior.or Ojode’s mum. Give the widow sometime to rest and pick her broken pieces again.

  2. gatimwa samson

    very shameful.

  3. For how long will widows face this type of hostility and selfishness? I have no words but pole Mary, trust in God.

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