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44 Kenyans killed in terror attacks since 2010

Hand grenade that have been used in terror attacks in Kenya

Old wine in new skin is what most Kenyans have termed yesterday’s reshuffle of police and provincial administrators in Kenya to fight runaway terrorism. You have to understand the pessimism with which Kenyans treat security in the country under the watchful eyes of the same police officers.

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Has Kenya found new oil in Turkana?

Ngamia 1 rig: Weatherford staff at the rig at Ngamia 1 exploration site in Turkana that is owned by Tullow Oil and Africa One Photo Joseph Kariuki

When the Canadian firm Africa Oil  announced yesterday that they had got more oil at their block 10BB at Ngamia in Turkana,some champagne glasses were already up to toss to new wealth. And the social media was a buzz with excitement. We had found more oil in Turkana.

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Ojode wife needs protection on her cash

United in Grief:The casket bearing the body of Orwa Ojode at the grave side in Ndhiwa with the wife Mary left,President Mwai Kibaki,PM Raila Odinga,VP Kalonzo Musyoka looking on Photo/File

The elder brother to the late Kenya Internal Security assistant minister Joshua Orwa Ojode,who perished in a horror chopper crash, has written to the Speaker of National Assembly, Kenneth Marende to stop payment to the widow Mary Ojode. In the letter addressed to Marende and National Assembly, Samuel Ojode wants any compensation or death benefits to the widow or any other party stopped until matters relating to the Administration of the estate are resolved.

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