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KDF kills 14 al shabaab in Kismayu

Kenya military has warned of attacks in 10 towns in Somalia against Al Shabaab

Kenya Defence Forces yesterday gunned down 14 al shabaab militias at the port of Kismayu.

In a release to newsrooms Colonel Cyrus Oguna said KDF was carrying out routine patrol when they encountered the militia.

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Why journalists need more freedom in the pocket

World Press Freedom mapping: Source UNESCO

Today the world celebrates World Press Freedom day. As we celebrate the day, I am reminded  that we are members of the  ‘fourth estate.’  In the same league with the cabinet,the legislature and judiciary.

Despite the gains in press freedom in Kenya and indeed Africa, can members of the fourth estate celebrate this gain? What does a free press mean to a journalist? Does it only means easy access to information and freedom to publish(disseminate) the same? Can the press be grouped  with  the other three estates?

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