When Uganda women stripped to protest police harrassment

Uganda women in topless demonstration against police brutality in Kampala. Photo posted on Twitter

This photo is a testimony of how bad things have become at the Pearl of Africa. By the time a woman decide to throw caution to the air and strip to protest then you know she is indeed angry.

Uganda women, after days of verbal protest to Uganda Police  following the harassment of FDC Women League leader Ingrid Turinawe, failed to yield results ,today they stripped and went to camp at police station in full glare of the camera.

Trouble for the policemen started last week when a policeman was caught on camera repeatedly fondling the breasts of FDC Women League leader Ingrid Turinawe during a demonstration in Kampala on Friday.

Despite the usual anguish of the public and viral attacks against the Uganda police, that is by the day becoming more brutal, on social media nothing seems to be happening. Until today when the women decided they have had enough and for the first time undressed taking most Kenyans back to the days mothers of political prisoners undressed and camped at Uhuru Park during the iron years of Moi.

Interestingly as the photo shows some policemen rather than listen to the protest kept on staring at the breast of the women. With this photo posted on Twitter going viral

It is not the first time that police has been blamed for harassing protestors especially those belonging to the opposition led by Kizza Besigye.

FDC Women League leader Ingrid Turinawe arrests last week


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  1. can i see the real the boobs, this is not enough



  3. It is disheartening to see Ugandan women adopt the ridiculous tactics of white women. Stripping is inappropriate in this instance because it does not further their cause. On the other hand, they did get the attention they were seeking, so perhaps it is an effective way to bring issues to the fore-front of the public’s attention.

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