Whitney Houston: A tribute to a star

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    CNN – Whitney Houston died/dead age 48! (1963 – 2012)
    Sat, Feb 11 2012 21:34:21
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    Whitney Houston dead at the age of 48 one day before 2012 Grammy Awards – NY Daily News nydailynews.com/news/natio…
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:11:33
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    R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Retweet for respect.
    Sat, Feb 11 2012 20:36:57
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    listening to Whitney Houston – I will always love you made me just tear up .. Omg
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:11:37
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    Ah…Whitney Houston. RIP. Thank you for such inspiration. When I was a kid I played over and over on piano “the… fb.me/QDBDqzwP
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:11:35
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    “Whitney Houston died YESTERDAY and the WHOLE GRAMMYS CHANGED..JESUS DIED 2000 years ago and he is STILL waiting on US TO CHANGE!
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:11:34
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    News of Whitney Houston’s death was first announced on twitter 27 minutes before main stream media. via @tonravee
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:16:16
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    Wow. Sign of the times. Do we need the media at all..
    Twitter Breaks News of Whitney Houston Death 27 Mins Before Press
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:17:02
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    Michael Jackson died at 58, Whitney Houston at 48, John F Kennedy at 38, Amy Winehouse at 28… How old is Justin Bieber again?
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:17:04
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    RIP Marvin Gaye
    RIP Bernie Mac
    RIP Heavy D
    RIP Michael Jackson
    RIP Joe Frazier
    … RIP Biggie
    RIP Pimp C
    RIP 2Pac
    RIP Left Eye
    RIP Aaliyah
    RIP Whitney Houston
    RIP Don Cornelius
    RIP James Brown
    RIP Luther Vandross
    RIP Rick James
    RIP Tina Marie
    RIP Jam Master J
    RIP Barry White
    RIP Nate Dogg
    RIP Etta James
    RIP Big Pun
    RIP Blade IceWood
    RIP Domo
    RIP Grandma
    RIP To All My 8MILE Niggas Rt
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 23:02:29
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    Jennifer Hudson was the best choice for the tribute to Whitney Houston at the #GRAMMYs R.I.P Whitney Houston #WeWillAlwaysLoveYou #RT”
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 22:46:46
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    Apple, I hate you. I wish you’d die RT @joerogan: Apple raised the price for Whitney Houston’s music after she died http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a365322/whitney-houston-death-apple-accused-of-cashing-in-with-lp-price-boost.html?visibilityoverride
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 22:50:08
  13. The life and times of Whitney Houston
  14. Some memorable quotes by Whitney Houston
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    “Im every woman, It’s all in me.” Whitney Houston
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:11:37
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    Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home? – Whitney Houston
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:16:16
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    Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You [Final Scene of The Bodyguard]
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 00:54:44

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  1. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney’s family. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Your songs were a great inspiration to many people around the world and will forever be. You live till eternity in our hearts. My God REST YOUR SOUL IN PEACE, Whitney.

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