What people think of Raphael Tuju and POA party

  1. Citizen TV announced the party thus:
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    Former Minister Raphael Tuju launches new party, Party of Action (POA) whose logo will be a mobile phone.
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 03:08:20
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    Party Of Action (POA) announcement speech shar.es/fRZ3i
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 00:43:21
  4. A Twitter fan asked?
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    Do you think presidential aspirant, Raphael Tuju’s newly launched party- P.O.A, has the potential of influencing the youth?
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:35:52
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    @ntvkenya Raphael Tuju has what it takes, infact 101% qualified. However no followers. Charity begins at home and He needs the Luo blessings
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 02:19:21
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    @Raphael_Tuju That launch was the best… Bon chance!
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 01:52:30
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    @Raphael_Tuju I loved your speech and especially focusing on the youth agenda.POA is a party 2 watch in 2012 elections
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 01:08:14
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    @Raphael_Tuju Ok, so your party’s symbol is a CELL-PHONE!! Can I send out a job ad for CREATIVES? *sigh* a cell phone! I like you but….
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 00:56:47
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    @Raphael_Tuju MEN!
    you have the voice of a president.
    oration like mine.but do i say
    Mon, Feb 13 2012 00:40:06
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    @Raphael_Tuju ,i hope and pray that its not just SPEECH!
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 14:06:27
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    “Party Of Action” doesn’t make me feel secure. Bribery, incitement & theft are all Actions.
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 14:06:27
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    So POA stands for “Party Of Action.” Someone should tell Tuju that it’s not smart to name a party after a 70s porn film.
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 14:06:27
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    Join the conversation: What do you think of Tuju’s aspirations?
    Sun, Feb 12 2012 13:44:58

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