Kenya military spokesman fried for posting old al shabaab pictures

  1. #PicturePosting It is a fact that a Kenyan was executed in Kismayu, two more are likely to be executed on Friday afternoon.
  2. #PicturePosting I take responsibility for posting an old photo, but execution did happen on Tuesday. Friday execution likely.
  3. I hear #MajorCheatCheat has gone to his ‘old tactics’.It has been said and I will repeat ‘truth is the first casualty of war’
  4. aye @MajorEChirchir one stupid mistake has cost u your credibility and that of KDF forces.everything u say we shall forever be sceptical!
  5. @RobertAlai Here are the 2009 photos from a British newspaper: Compare them to Major C’s tweeted photos. Identical.
  6. The lies of @MajorEChirchir are like stones thrown in response to @HSMPress rocket propelled grenades. Shame!!
  7. Good Morning, incase you haven’t read about it. Here’s @MajorEChirchir ‘s lying to us
  8. @MajorEChirchir major i see u take responsibility, bt for what? Spreading false stories? Why bother? I’m sure u will mislead kenyans again
  9. You have shown you are big man @MajorEChirchir few men in this country risk an apology in public glare

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