Al shabaab,KDF fight on twitter/Facebbok on war casualties

Kenya military has claimed killing 6 Al Shabaab while the later claims the same number of KDF were killed in Tabda

Kenya military says it has killed six al shabaab militants in the battle of Tabda. During the fighting one KDF soldier was killed.

But in a conflicting tweet Al Shabaab claims they have killed six KDF soldiers during the same battle. Both tweets reporting the deaths were released at the same time.

In a quick rejoinder the KDF spokesman Majior Emmanuel Chirchir termed the claim by Al Shabaab as false.

“HSMPress tweet on killing 6 KDF/TFG personnel far from the truth. Only one KDF personnel succumbed to injuries,” says a tweet by Chirchir.

This is the latest war of words in the social media where each side has claimed major victories in the war against Al shabaab.

Read the tweets as posted by KDF and Al shabaab on the same incident

KDF troops on patrol establish contact with Al Shabaab around Tabda. Patrol was moving from Beles Qooqani to Dobley

Sector KDF kills 6 al shabaab and many injured after a clash. Al shabaab abandon heavy weapons as they run for life

Following the incident one KDF personnel succumbed to injuries while 2 personnel sustain minor injuries

Sector North: KDF/TFG secure the town of Elade, patrols dominating the town activated.

Al shabaab version

Ambush on the road b/w Taabto & Qooqani, Lower Jubba, leaves 2 #KDF APCs & 1 truck destroyed; 7 #KDF casualties confirmed by field commander

Jubba ambush comes less than 24h after Mujahideen in Gedo region also pursued &ensnared #KDF convoy near El Adde, killing 6 KDF & injuring 5The ambush targeted the #KDF major supply routes this time and is only the beginning of what will become a deadly & costly war of attrition!

HSM forces gradually wearing down KDF’s expensive adventure through versatility, superior battle skills & unrivalled familiarity of the land


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