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Why Kibaki suspended Nancy Baraza but left Uhuru Kenyatta,Muthaura

Uhuru Kenyatta with comedian Daniel Ndambuki at Churchill live show at carnivore

Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki yesterday announced the suspension of Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza after the Judicial Service Commission, JSC, recommended that a tribunal to probe her conduct be formed.

For those who may not be up to speed on the Baraza saga, she allegedly pinched a Village Market guard,Rebecca Kerubo, on the nose and pulled a gun after she refused to be searched,a routine security measure after increase in Al Shabaab bombings in Kenya.

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Kenya military spokesman fried for posting old al shabaab pictures

  1. #PicturePosting It is a fact that a Kenyan was executed in Kismayu, two more are likely to be executed on Friday afternoon.
  2. #PicturePosting I take responsibility for posting an old photo, but execution did happen on Tuesday. Friday execution likely.
  3. I hear #MajorCheatCheat has gone to his ‘old tactics’.It has been said and I will repeat ‘truth is the first casualty of war’
  4. aye @MajorEChirchir one stupid mistake has cost u your credibility and that of KDF forces.everything u say we shall forever be sceptical!
  5. @RobertAlai Here are the 2009 photos from a British newspaper: Compare them to Major C’s tweeted photos. Identical.
  6. The lies of @MajorEChirchir are like stones thrown in response to @HSMPress rocket propelled grenades. Shame!!
  7. Good Morning, incase you haven’t read about it. Here’s @MajorEChirchir ‘s lying to us
  8. @MajorEChirchir major i see u take responsibility, bt for what? Spreading false stories? Why bother? I’m sure u will mislead kenyans again
  9. You have shown you are big man @MajorEChirchir few men in this country risk an apology in public glare

Al shabaab,KDF fight on twitter/Facebbok on war casualties

Kenya military has claimed killing 6 Al Shabaab while the later claims the same number of KDF were killed in Tabda

Kenya military says it has killed six al shabaab militants in the battle of Tabda. During the fighting one KDF soldier was killed.

But in a conflicting tweet Al Shabaab claims they have killed six KDF soldiers during the same battle. Both tweets reporting the deaths were released at the same time.

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Kijabe Road: A nightmare ride for patients to the mission hospital

Welcome to Kijabe:The bad road that take you to Kijabe Town Photo/Joseph Kariuki

Tucked on the rolling hills of the Great Rift Valley along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway lies Kijabe Mission Hospital. The hospital, established by missionaries in 1915, is synonymous with bone surgery. As you snake down the breathtaking scenery of lush vegetation and tall trees, the ride is peaceful if your eyes are only focused on the beautiful scenery and the quality of medical care that awaits you at the AIC church-run hospital.

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Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza gun saga continues:The social media reactions

  1. The Star reporting that Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza pinched the nose of a aguard and told her ”know people” in a gun drama!
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 21:32:25

How social media reacted to Nancy Baraza gun drama

  1. The story of Nancy Baraza as told on The Star by @dosusa
    January 4, 2012 12:29:55 AM EST

Social Media reaction on Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza gun drama

View the story “How social media reacted to Nancy Baraza gun drama” on Storify]Nancy Baraza gun drama-Social media reactions

How The Star broke the story

A security guard searching clients entering the Village Market shopping mall in Nairobi has lodged a complaint with police over the behaviour of the Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza. Security guard Rebecca Kerubo Morara claims she was intimidated with a pistol by Baraza when she sought to frisk her on New Year’s Eve. Baraza accepts there was a dispute but denies threatening the guard with a gun. Morara recorded a statement at Gigiri Police Station in the Occurrence Book reference OB 14/1/1/2012.

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