Kenya soldier dead,10 al shabaab killed in airforce strike

Attacked: One Kenya army soldiers has been killed in a bomb

One Kenyan soldier has died and four critically injured after a Kenya army truck on patrol ran over an Improvised Explosive Device(IED) in Mandera.

At the same time Kenya military killed 10 al shabaab militants and wounded 8  during an air strike inside Somalia. The army captured 47 militants in Wamaitho and Kisima,two Al shabaab camps.

“On 24 November 2011 at 0700hrs, 13 KDF troops on board a service truck drove over a planted Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while on patrol duties in the general area of MLIMA FISI in Mandera,”says a statement from the military spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir.

The injured army officers were flown to Garissa for treatment where one succumbed to his injury. This bring the number of dead KDF soldiers to 9. Four have died in combat while five perished after their helicopter crashed in Liboi at the onset of the Operation Linda Nchi.

“Following this incident, 5 KDF soldiers were seriously injured and have been airlifted to Garissa for treatment. By the time of this release one of the injured had succumbed to his injuries.”

It is not yet know who planted the IED but the first suspect is al shabaab militia.

See part of the release:

Sector Central: Today 24 November 2011, KDF and TFG troops attacked an Al Shabaab training camp in the town of HAWINA, which is between the towns of DOBLEY and TABDA. During this engagement 3 Al Shabaab were killed and 2 AK 47 captured.  Several Al Shabaab militias escaped with injuries.

Sector South: Battle Damage Assessment on Al Shabaab camps air strikes by KDF in WAMAITHO and KISIMA indicate 7 Al Shabaab killed and 8 injured.


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  1. We are now happy when we see in tv kenyan army in somalia doing a good work,for example,supply people with food,medicine and chasing out alshabab,well done

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