Uhuru Kenyatta among 40 richest Africans-Forbes

Uhuru Kenyatta with comedian Daniel Ndambuki at Churchill live show at carnivore

Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta who turned 50 early this month is ranked 26th among the richest people in Africa in a new survey released by Forbes magazine.

Business tycoon Chris Kirubi is  ranked 31 making the two join the elite club of top 40 billionaires in Africa. The two are the only billionaires ranked from East Africa by the respected magazine.

Uhuru who is also Kenya’s   Deputy Prime minister is said to be worth $500m(my small calculator has failed to calculate the equivalent in Kenya shillings). Chris Kirubi who is the proprietor of Capital Fm has a net worth of $300.

Nigerian commodities titan Aliko Dangote  is ranked the richest man in Africa with a net worth of $10,100. Aliko is also Africa’s cement king with companies spread in Cameroon,Zambia,Senegal and Tanzania.

South Africa’s Nicky Oppenheimer,66, who deals in diamonds is ranked second with a net worth of $6.5m.

Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris who runs Orascom Construction Industries is ranked third richest man in Africa with a net worth of $4.7m.

Forbes describe Uhuru’s wealth as  coming from large chunks of land: “He owns at least 500,000 acres of prime land spread across the country. The land was acquired by his father in the 1960s and 1970s when the British colonial government and the World Bank funded a settlement transfer fund scheme that enabled government officials and wealthy Kenyans to acquire land from the British at very low prices,” says Forbes.

Forbes says Uhuru and his family also own Brookside Dairies, Kenya’s largest dairy company, as well as stakes in popular television station K24 and a commercial bank in Nairobi(CBA), among other interests.

Chris Kirubi

Chris Kirubi wealth is said to come from real estate.  Kirubi owns International House building,a landmark building in Nairobi.

Other assets include a 49% stake in Haco Tiger Industries, which manufactures consumer products; a controlling stake in Centum, a Nairobi Stock Exchange-listed private equity firm; UAP Insurance, one of Kenya’s largest insurance companies and Sandvik East Africa, a Kenyan construction firm.

Kirubi also owns the DHL Franchise in Kenya, and Capital FM.


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  1. Wea z Moi & hs wealth!! & 500,000km2 z The whole of Central + part of Eastern, wah! Uhuru and u want IDP’S resettled? Where mundu wa house?

  2. wow! Thats wonderful for people like uhuru, kirubi n others who are not mentioned in the forbes. These are people who never feel the pinch of escalating economy. A good man leaves inheritance to his childrens’ children!

  3. Where is likes of Kirima and the rest?

  4. They have acquired that wealth through hard work.uhuru is my role model and my president in making.

  5. We kenyans r proud of u uhuru!

  6. where did his father get all this land? sad, there’re kenyans who can not afford 1/8 of an acre when this so called “elites families” have 100’s of acres for animals to graze. Take it to heaven with yu if not yu will leave it here.

  7. Nw u cans how much am worth

  8. Hey, this guyz have money bana billionares? Haiye yah at least Uhuru inheritate from his father, what about CK and by the way i think Moi is not far below 50, what of Raila’s with spectra international, and Baba Jimii ni ngapi?

  9. me i thot moi was top richest kenyan with akina biwott.

  10. wel datz gewd of u then,bt atleast av a sense of humour whenever u come across the poor people.al d best

  11. Our tycoons its a blessing 2 b there,then find a reason 2 get us up there also

  12. Its ok coz de economy must balance wid rich & poor.pliz dont save so much it reduces money circulation.

  13. Where is Mike Sonko Muvi????

  14. Where is Mike Sonko Mbuvi?????/

  15. thenx not from corrupt ways i salute him

  16. Gezahegne, Esayas

    Have you heard of Mohammed Husein Al amodi, an Ethiopian-Saudi billionaire with a net worth of $ 9,000,000,000 { nine billion dollars}. He was born, raised and educated in Ethiopia. And mostly lives in Ethiopia.
    Not only in Africa, he is also the worlds 49th richest person. And the first black billionaire in the world. Check forbes, if you’ve any doubt.

  17. njooh.wathii wanatwo lakini 500,000km2 ati ni ulithii kwani our grandpa could not even afford just 10arcre or grab from white pp who acquired it forcefully.shame 2 u grabers u r not rich coz our tym is coming.

  18. 9billion dollars sounds lyk worlds economy en stil not da richest man? Aiii!!


  19. where is george saitoti????

  20. Ngash Njugush

    What would it profit a man if you gained the whole world and lose your only soul?

  21. I lv u uhuru i wl vote 4 u prezo 2b

  22. waoh thats great if elected a president he will think about others but not himself.

  23. Kudos 2 uhuru n ck,criously thy hv med Kenya proud.

  24. There are three big things that makes people mess in life,MONEY POPULARITY & WOMEN. So my rich friends watch out .

  25. wat abt me???

  26. cris kirubi my mentor

  27. Uhuru will overthrogh Dangote after his rule.

  28. i only want those who never f acquired wealth

  29. pliz guys acquire yours n b a topic kesho

  30. How many starving kids do thy help…

  31. wewewe… these r the men we r looking for but, where r akina James mwangi and akina Moi na kibaki?

  32. Now i here we have the Rwathia boys like James Mwangi and others who sit in some of Kenya’s top blue chip companies. Their is also the ones who sit on Kenya’s top betting companies…they are raking millions by the day as Kenyan’s bet like crazy!

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