15 Kenyan soldiers killed by TGF troops is propaganda says army

Somali government soldiers ride on the back of an armed pickup truck

Iran owned Press Tv reports that 15 Kenyan soldiers have been killed by their allies Somalia government soldiers.

But the Kenya military has termed the reports as al shabaab propaganda despite the fact that it is not al shabaab blamed for the deaths.

“Reports indicate that three Somali soldiers gunned down 15 Kenyan troops near the southern town of Tabataa, escaping with Kenyan military trucks,” reports the TV.

Quoting sources within the Somalia government forces the PressTV says   that TGF  soldiers killed the Kenyan troops by mistake.

The Kenyan military has in the past termed other reports by Press Tv as propaganda by Al Shabaab militants.

Chirchir told Kenyareporter in a statement that three stories:15 Kenyan troops killed in Somalia,US,Kenya airstrikes kill 64 in Somalia and Kenya strikes displace 100 in Somalia were all propaganda stories planted by the militia group.

Very little information has been available on the situation of the war apart from regular military updates that shows the progress of the war. The same TV reported recently that two Kenyan jet fighters and US drones had been shot down by Al shabaab.

If the reports of the killing of the Kenyan soldiers is true then the frosty relationship between Kenya and Somalia’s TGF government will suffer more after initial warning by by Somalia president.Sheikh Shariff Ahmed had warned Kenyan forces that they should protect the territorial integrity of Somalia.

The statement by Somalia president raised a diplomatic storm leading to the coming of Somalia Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali to come and set the record straight.

The reason why Somalia soldiers will risk ambushing their allies is still not clear. The Kenya military is yet to issue a statement on the alleged attacks.

So far only one Kenyan soldier has b=died in battle after the military was ambushed by Al shabaab. The officer died at War memorial hospital after being flown in for treatment. Five other soldiers died after their helicopter crash landed in Liboi a day after the Operation Linda Nchi started on October 15.


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  1. They must fight to live or die knowing they die to protect our nation i wish am in the air force i could b very arongant to militia esp boming their hide out

  2. Learn to spell first, basic grammar would go along way on an Air Force Application.

  3. kenyan soldirs should be given huge salaries because of the hard work they do.I am also aspiring to join the kdf.

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