Kenya military sinks al shabaab skiff kills 18

The military yesterday sunk a small boat carrying 18 al shabaab militants. Using the Kenya Navy bots which have been patrolling the Indian Ocean the military attacked late Thursday and posted a video of the attack.

“On 02nd November 2011 at 5pm a skiff laden with 18 Al Shabaab fighters was transporting fuel to Kuday. The Kenya Navy intercepted the skiff and sunk it killing all the militants,” said Military spokesman Chirchir.

At the same time Kenya declared Baidoa a no fly zone after three strange plane allegedly supplied weapons to al shabaab. Eritrea government was blamed for the supply but has denied the allegations.

“On two occasions, KDF has observed an aircraft over fly our troops’ in the three sectors. The owners of the aircraft are hereby warned that KDF considers this as a security violation,” said Chirchir.

“Further unauthorized over flying on the said region will be considered a threat. In addition, all aircrafts are hereby warned not to land in BAIDOA. Anyone violating this will be doing so at their peril.”

Kenya has been in Somalia for 20 days following the kidnapping of tourists by Al shabaab.



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