Don’t sale donkeys to al shabaab-Kenya military warns

Valuable:Kenyans along the Somalia border have been warned against selling their donkeys to al shabaab

The military has warned Kenyans living along the Somalia border not to sell their donkeys to Al Shabaab militants as the war against the illegal group intensifies.

The group has resorted to transporting their weapons using donkeys after heavy rainfall that has pounded the area since Operation Linda Nchi kicked off. The rainfall has also slowed Kenya’s progress in the war against al shabaab.

“Information reaching us confirms that Al Shabaab has resorted to using donkeys to transport their weapons. The locals use donkeys to fetch water for domestic use however, due to the heavy rains water fetching is not feasible,” said Military spokesman Major Chirchir in a statement.

Consequently the Kenya military will treat any large movement of donkeys in the area they have captured as Al Shabaab movements.

” In addition we are also reliably informed that the cost of donkeys has risen from $150 to $200 for a donkey. Kenyans dealing in donkey trade along the Kenya-Somali border are advised not to sell their animals to Al Shabaab as it would undermine our efforts in Somalia,” said Chirchir.

On the war front the military says yesterday at 5pm a skiff(small boat) laden with 18 Al Shabaab fighters which was transporting fuel to Kuday was sunk by Kenya Navy boats. The Kenya Navy intercepted the skiff and sunk it killing all the militant.

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