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Kenya soldier dead,10 al shabaab killed in airforce strike

Attacked: One Kenya army soldiers has been killed in a bomb

One Kenyan soldier has died and four critically injured after a Kenya army truck on patrol ran over an Improvised Explosive Device(IED) in Mandera.

At the same time Kenya military killed 10 al shabaab militants and wounded 8  during an air strike inside Somalia. The army captured 47 militants in Wamaitho and Kisima,two Al shabaab camps.

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Why land title is a useless piece of paper in Kenya:Syokimau,Eastleigh demolitions

A cross-section view of the flattened buildings as others wait to be brought down in Eastleigh. Photo The Star

As I write this piece three bulldozers are busy pulling down flats worth million of shillings in Eastleigh Section three leaving in the wake grieving owners.

On Monday residents of this area woke up to the deafening sound of the bulldozers without any warning by the landlords. Most who had gone for night shifts and were taking a nap were woken up by the chaos that followed when demolition started.

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‘Al shabaab video on killing of Kenyan soldiers is fake’ says military

Al Shabaab has been known of spreading propaganda about killings of Kenyan soldiers

Kenya military has warned of a scheme by Al shabaab militias to release a video clip showing execution of Kenyan soldiers by the terror group.

“We continue to receive credible information that the Al Shabaab are planning to release a video clip showing the execution of ‘a person or people’ alleging to be KDF troops captured during Operation Linda Nchi,” says a statement by Military spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir.

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Uhuru Kenyatta among 40 richest Africans-Forbes

Uhuru Kenyatta with comedian Daniel Ndambuki at Churchill live show at carnivore

Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta who turned 50 early this month is ranked 26th among the richest people in Africa in a new survey released by Forbes magazine.

Business tycoon Chris Kirubi is  ranked 31 making the two join the elite club of top 40 billionaires in Africa. The two are the only billionaires ranked from East Africa by the respected magazine.

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Fuel prices shoot up again

Kenyans will dig deeper into their pockets after increase of fuel price. The ERC has increase the prices of fuel in what it termed the effects of a weak shilling.

SUPER petrol price rises by Sh3.63 to Sh124.13 per litre in Nairobi due to weak shilling. Diesel to cost Sh114.30 and kerosene at Sh94.87.

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4 Kenya soldiers injured,9 al shabaab killed in Elwak battle

Nine Al Shabaab soldiers have been killed in Elwak by Kenya army and TGF forces

Four Kenyan soldiers were injured one seriously in a fierce exchange with Al shabaab in Elwak,a border town, 180kms from Wajir town. During the exchange 9 al shabaab militia were killed.

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Pneumonia:still the top killer of children

Yesterday(November 12) the world marked World Pneumonia day with sobering statistics that 100 children die everyday in Kenya as a result of this preventable disease.

On an average day, one in 12 children in Kenya suffers from pneumonia, according to data available from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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15 Kenyan soldiers killed by TGF troops is propaganda says army

Somali government soldiers ride on the back of an armed pickup truck

Iran owned Press Tv reports that 15 Kenyan soldiers have been killed by their allies Somalia government soldiers.

But the Kenya military has termed the reports as al shabaab propaganda despite the fact that it is not al shabaab blamed for the deaths.

“Reports indicate that three Somali soldiers gunned down 15 Kenyan troops near the southern town of Tabataa, escaping with Kenyan military trucks,” reports the TV.

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Kenya military sinks al shabaab skiff kills 18

The military yesterday sunk a small boat carrying 18 al shabaab militants. Using the Kenya Navy bots which have been patrolling the Indian Ocean the military attacked late Thursday and posted a video of the attack.

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Don’t sale donkeys to al shabaab-Kenya military warns

Valuable:Kenyans along the Somalia border have been warned against selling their donkeys to al shabaab

The military has warned Kenyans living along the Somalia border not to sell their donkeys to Al Shabaab militants as the war against the illegal group intensifies.

The group has resorted to transporting their weapons using donkeys after heavy rainfall that has pounded the area since Operation Linda Nchi kicked off. The rainfall has also slowed Kenya’s progress in the war against al shabaab.

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