I am al shabaab,I threw the 2 grenades in Nairobi-Elgiva Bwire

Elgiva Bwire Oliacha alias Mohamed Seif in court charged with possession of arms cache in Kayole,he pleaded guilty to nine counts including belonging to Al Shabaab terror group.Photo Philip Kamakya

It is  rare for a suspect to plead guilty to 9 counts of  serious crime. It is also the first time we have seen  police arrest a suspect less than 24 hours after the grenade attack and produce him in court.

To many of us we have always assumed that an al shabaab militia is a Somali probably hooded-we were not prepared for Elgiva Bwire from Kakamega.

The self-confessed terrorists  who was arrested on Tuesday night in Kayole pleaded guilty to nine counts of possession of firearms without a certificate, causing grievous harm and engaging in an outlawed criminal activity.

He faced another count of engaging in an organized criminal activity by being a member of the al Shaabab group an outlawed organized criminal assemblage as gazetted in the Kenya gazette.

Bwire also known as Mohammed Seif  admitted to being in possession of an AK 47, a sub machine gun two revolvers, thirteen live hand grenades seven hundred and seventeen assorted ammunition without a firearm certificate at kwa James building in Kayole phase 1 within Nairobi.

Bwire appeared in court calm,chatting with policemen who escorted him to the dock. He didn’t look anxious for a man who faces charges that may send him to life in prison.

A  new muslim convert who was described by an Imam at a Kayole mosque as very quiet had no so quiet impact when he detonated the two grenades.In the wake of the attacks he left the Nation worried for two days after throwing grenades  at Mwauras pub and  a crowded bus stop killing one.

If indeed Bwire is the head of one of the al shabaab cells(there has been no al shabbab claim to the attacks) in Nairobi then the police must be congratulated for a job well done. But the raid and arrest followed by the arraignment in court in record time does not seem as the pace of Kenya police.

We will not doubt the police but we must follow this case to the very end,and if convicted follow Bwire to prison to make sure he doesn’t  mysteriously leave prison after  a few months.

But police has been able to cool down the panic that had gripped a nation in hours.


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  1. Well, reminds me of our Kampala version where Timothy Kalyegera tried to examine a possible Gov’t frame which by the way got him in trouble with security.

    I just hope the aggressive Kenyan media would unearth the truth one of these days.

    • Ha aha remember that case,unfortunately we have all swallowed this story. Am just wondering the guy must have had 15 grenades and used two already,makes one wonder how he in the first place got all these weapons without raising an eyebrow.

  2. Over here in the U.S., we would be concerned w/ political correctness & say he was “self-radicalized” via the internet. But he got the weapons from somewhere, and likely the police know where.

  3. where did he get the weapons from?

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