Kenya army helps capture 5 al Shabaab strongholds in Somalia

Al Shabaab militia in Somalia

The war against Al Shabaab militia has gone a notch higher after the capture of five major towns in Southern Somalia.

The town of Qoqaani was captured on Saturday by Kenya army backed Somalia Transitional Government (TGF). And yesterday Dhoobley, Afmadow, Taabto and Diif towns fell  under TFG, Ras Kamboni and Kenya military fire.

But as the Kenyan military air crafts continue to provide ‘logistical support’ to the TGF  some Muslim leaders have already declared a Jihad against the Kenyan army that has invaded the ‘holy’. Al shabaab has also threatened a suicide attack against Nairobi for entering into Somalia.

The weakened militia group which has already lost control of Mogadishu has also faced attacks from the Kenyan Navy backed by international naval ships that have been in the high seas looking for pirates.

Already two boats have been sunked in the Indian Ocean by the navy and the forces are not resting until Kisimayu is captured from the rebels.

Last night the Kenyan police arrested two British nationals in Lamu allegedly heading to Somalia to fight for the Alshabaab.

“There are two British citizens who were arrested yesterday. We suspect that they are coordinating the activities of al Shabaab … or maybe they were passing on information to these people,” said Charles Owino, deputy police spokesman.

The two men of Somali descent and the other of  Pakistani descent, were seized in the border town Kiunga, just north of the Lamu archipelago.

There is heightened security in Nairobi with major government installations. Elite forces have been deployed to deter any possible al shabaab attack.


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  1. Kenyan Army should crush the Al Shabaabs properly

  2. Any Kenyan found associating with Alshabab should be severely punished. This is due to the fact that Kenya is lossing in terms of human resource incurred through the death of soldiers, a large sum of money is involved in the logistics and recruitment in some sectors being suspended thus punishing the innocent graduants.

  3. Our brothers in Northern Eastern should not sympathise with the Alshababs for they share the common origin but should instead surrender the information that will enable the KDF crush the Alshabab. Please dear brothers from N.E Province be patriotic to our country.

  4. Kenya defence is a superior force for they have done what the American force did despite the fact that they stayed in Somalia than the period KDF has taken. Karangi should be given a lot of respect world wide. Keep it up KDF God bless you and enable you achieve much.

  5. Ang'are Godfrey

    I really disappointed with the incident that took place at country-Nairobi on 10/03/2012. If those who hurled grenades are Alshabaabs then they are cowards for they attacked innocent and armless people. If the are a trained group why can’t they face the uniformed fellows and show them that they are superior. Incase they gained assistance from some members or some fellows slept while on duty then they should be dealt with accordingly. May God give strength to the families that lost their relatives in the blast.

  6. Ang'are Godfrey

    Dear Kenyans the cruel hand of plane crush has snatched as great men who were handling a very important docket as far as security is concerned. KDF in Somalia relied on them for aspects not forgetting Police reforms and other security issues. My questions was the crush natural or it was staged managed?

  7. Ang'are Godfrey

    Hi KDF what is up with Kisimayu we are warming up to celebrate its capture! If the Police worked the way you are doing in Somalia we could not witness incidences of innocent and armless people being attacked. Let defend people and not have the love for money and stick the oath they took. Let provide the service but being a liability to a common Kenyan by embracing TKK.

  8. I joined this link when operation linda nchi kicked off and i’m happy that God listened to our prayers and our beloved KDF have done it by capturing Kismayu. Kudos KDF as you celebrate the Kdf day however sorry for the families that lost their beloved ones may their souls rest in eternal peace. Other security forces like the police should emulate kdf by shelving kitu kidogo while excuting their duties. I’m also happy that God gave protection to all boys from Cheptais and may He continue protecting them as they do the clearing of the remnants.

  9. Godfrey,you indeed followed the progress of our soldiers in Somalia. It is one year now and indeed they have made Kenya proud.

  10. Angare Godfrey

    Congratulations the Kenya security forces for impounding explosives on transit to Somalia and an assortment of weapons retrivied following the operation in wajir and it’s environs

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