Al Shabaab bomb explodes in Somalia near Kenya ministers meeting

Four people have died after a suicide bomb  exploded in Mogadishu  near where Kenya Foreign Affairs minister and Defence minister were holding a meeting with Somalia officials.

The bomb exploded at the ministry of foreign affairs probably targeting the Kenyan ministers.The ministers, Moses Wetangula and Defence Yusuf Hajj had earlier held talks with President of Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

Reports say the Kenyan ministers ares safe and the meeting was not at Foreign Affairs meeting. The Kenyan ministers and TGF discussed ways of cooperating with the TGF government to flash out the Al Shabaab rebel group.

The TGF government has already captured rebel held towns of  Qoqaani, Dhoobley, Afmadow, Taabto and Diif with the help of Kenya military.

Some Muslim leaders sympathetic to Al shabaab in Somalia have already declared a Jihad against the Kenyan army that has invaded the ‘holy’. Al shabaab has also threatened a suicide attack against Nairobi for entering into Somalia.

The weakened militia group which has already lost control of Mogadishu has also faced attacks from the Kenyan Navy backed by international naval ships that have been in the high seas looking for pirates.

Last night the Kenyan police arrested two British nationals in Lamu allegedly heading to Somalia to fight for the Alshabaab.

“There are two British citizens who were arrested yesterday. We suspect that they are coordinating the activities of al Shabaab … or maybe they were passing on information to these people,” said Charles Owino, deputy police spokesman.

The two men of Somali descent and the other of  Pakistani descent, were seized in the border town Kiunga, just north of the Lamu archipelago.

There is heightened security in Nairobi with major government installations. Elite forces have been deployed to deter any possible al shabaab attack.


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