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Kenya Navy sinks 2 al shabaab boats,kills 10 in Anole

Killed? Al Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage

“1700hrs: Kenya Navy ship sinks 3 Al Shabaab skiffs(small boats) fully loaded with fighters moving South from Kismayu,between Kuday & Burgavo,” reports Military spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir on his twitter.

Details of the attack are still scanty but no survivors have been reported so war.

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I am al shabaab,I threw the 2 grenades in Nairobi-Elgiva Bwire

Elgiva Bwire Oliacha alias Mohamed Seif in court charged with possession of arms cache in Kayole,he pleaded guilty to nine counts including belonging to Al Shabaab terror group.Photo Philip Kamakya

It is  rare for a suspect to plead guilty to 9 counts of  serious crime. It is also the first time we have seen  police arrest a suspect less than 24 hours after the grenade attack and produce him in court.

To many of us we have always assumed that an al shabaab militia is a Somali probably hooded-we were not prepared for Elgiva Bwire from Kakamega.

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Army denies 2 Kenya jet fighters crashed in Somalia

The F-5 fighter jest used by the Kenya military

The military has denied reports carried by Iranian TV,Press TV, that two Kenyan fighter planes crashed between the towns of Kismayu and Qooqani.

In a statement to newsrooms the Military spokes man Major  Chirchir said the reports are false.

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Kenya army stops war updates as 1 killed in second grenade attack

Anti terror police at the scene of one of the grenade attack in Nairobi Photo/Philip Kamakya

The Kenya army has stopped daily updates to the media on the progress of war against Somalia Al Shabaab group.

In a statement the military spokesman Major Chirchir said the media will be brief if any major incidents occur in the war front.

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14 injured in grenade attack in Nairobi as jets hit Kismayu

Mwaura's pub in downtown Nairobi where a grenade attacked injured 14 people Photo/Karuga wa Njuguna

Fourteen people were injured after a grenade attack at a down town pub in Nairobi. Police has already blamed the Al Shabaab for the morning attack.

The attack took place at Mwaura’s pun a dingy establishment along Mfangano street in downtown Nairobi. The grenade exploded at around 1am according to workers at the pub. The injured were rushed to hospital where most have already been discharged.

The attack comes in the heels of a warning by Al Shabaab militants who had warned Kenyan of attacks following the invasion of Somalia. Kenyan forces invaded Somalia on October 15 to flash out Al Shabaab militia who had kidnapped tourists in the country

“Kenya violated the territorial rights of Somalia by entering our holy land, but I assure you that they will return disappointed, God willing,” Sheikh Hassan Turki, a senior  al shabaab leader, is quoted by Al Jazeera as saying.

“Mujahideen fighters will force them to test the pain of the bullets.”

Even as the al shabbab try to attack Kenya the military by yesterday had started aerial bombardment of Kismayu. The city is the headquarters of the rag tag militia group.

Witnesses report that jets hit Kismayu on Sunday  especially the port area and a mosque known to be frequented by senior al shabaab leaders.

The al shabaab war has attracted international support with French naval ship bombarding the port of Kismayu and American drones helping the Kenyan army that has so far had a very successful campaign.

The police in Nairobi has warned Kenyans to report any suspicious elements in the city with US warning of an eminent terror attack in Kenya.

Kidnapped French woman dead as Al shabaab moves aid worker to Kismayu

A disabled French national Marie Dediu with Kenya friends at her residential in Ras Kitau Manda area in Lamu ,before kidnapped

The French government has confirmed that French hostage Marie Dedieu is  dead. She was kidnapped by suspected Al shabaab militias on October 1 in Manda in Lamu.

The French government has learnt of the death through the contacts they were following to rescue her. Marie was sick and her captors had asked for her medicine to be sent to her.

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75 al shabaab dead as Kenya guns aims at Kismayu

Kenya military helicopter patrols inside Somalia in search of Al Shabaab

Kenya military has  killed 75 al shabaab militia in the battle of  Bales Qoogani which is the second town to be taken from the Somalia rebel group.

“The Kenyan defence forces has not incurred any casualties so far, but the last two battles especially the one for Tabta around 75 militias were killed,” said Lt colonel Jeff Nyaga commander of the Linda nchi operation(The code name given to the al shabaab operation).

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Al Shabaab bomb explodes in Somalia near Kenya ministers meeting

Four people have died after a suicide bomb  exploded in Mogadishu  near where Kenya Foreign Affairs minister and Defence minister were holding a meeting with Somalia officials.

The bomb exploded at the ministry of foreign affairs probably targeting the Kenyan ministers.The ministers, Moses Wetangula and Defence Yusuf Hajj had earlier held talks with President of Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

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Kenya army helps capture 5 al Shabaab strongholds in Somalia

Al Shabaab militia in Somalia

The war against Al Shabaab militia has gone a notch higher after the capture of five major towns in Southern Somalia.

The town of Qoqaani was captured on Saturday by Kenya army backed Somalia Transitional Government (TGF). And yesterday Dhoobley, Afmadow, Taabto and Diif towns fell  under TFG, Ras Kamboni and Kenya military fire.

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Somalia Al shabaab promise Kenya army ‘pain of the bullets’

Al Shabaab soldiers have promised to give Kenya army a pain of the bullet after they entered Somalia

Even with scanty details coming in on the war Kenya has entered against Al Shabaab terror group,already the terror group has promised the career Kenya army the pain of the bullets.

And a few hours later 5 Kenya military personnel are reported killed in Liboi after chopper crashes on developing mechanical problems.

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