Five die in Busia fuel tanker fire

Burnt to ash: Busia resident looks at the remains of a tanker that left four people dead

Kenyans it seems will never learn a thing. Even before we bury the more than 100 Sinai fire tragedy victims,a fuel fire has claimed five more lives in Busia according to Kenya Red Cross.

The five perished in Busia yesterday when an overturned petrol tanker burst into flames near Suo River about 12 Kilometres from Busia town.

The incident occurred after the petrol tanker which was heading towards Busia town lost control and overturned. The villagers were ready with their jerrycans to scoop fuel.

“All hell break loose when a man who tried to unplug a battery from the overturned vehicle caused a spark of fire which exploded the tanker,” said an eye-witness.

45 casualty were taken to the Busia district hospital with serious burns while unknown number of people are feared to have drowned in the Suo River where they are said to have dived in their attempt to escape from the inferno.

The latest accident has firmly put the month of September as the darkest month this year.

Is poverty driving Kenyans to their death?

These deaths make us pose and ask whether poverty is the main driver of these deaths. If it was not poverty then we wlll not have slum people building houses on top of fuel pipelines.

If people were not this poor they would not run to scoop fuel from a tanker. All these people in Busia had seen what happened in Sinai and they would pose before running to an overturned fuel tanker. But they have nothing to lose because fate has already condemned them to a slave life in these slums.

The deaths we have seen as a result of the illicit brew in central Kenya is a a result of poverty. These drinks are cheap and because people cannot afford the beer then they have no option but to drink the illicit brew.

The uncessary accidents are as a reesult of overspeeding and excess passengers. Why would people eneter a full matatu? It is because of the poverty that drives them to save as little as 10bob by squezing in a matatu.

If we have to beat these deaths we have to empower all Kenyans to live a decent life. The Busia tanker fire has shown nothing can stop the  poor from endangering their lives if they can earn an extra shilling.


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  1. edward omondi wandera

    may God save our country from poverty

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