Did Raila and Kibaki play tribal card in Attorney General nomination?

Nominated Attorney General Githu Muigai(l) chat with out going AG Amos Wako during an LSK dinner

“We said it, now see! A pact by 2 tribes to eat together. One says “Ok, you take AG but give me the other 2” and the other says “Yes, that is a deal,” reads a comment by one reader in reaction to the appointment of Githu Muigai as Attorney General, Agnes Odhiambo as Controller of Budget and Edward Ouko as Auditor General.

Another Kenyan reacted thus: “Kenya may have 42 tribes, but many of its problems have been the result of a lack of “coordinated eating” between just 3 tribes: 2 of those “eating” too much, and one grumbling hungrily by the tableside.”

In support of the appointment another reader said: “Congratulations to Githu Muigai and all other people appointed right from the CJ, DCJ, DPP and COB. These folks are all qualified and were selected through a process which even the complainants could have applied to…The Kenya we want is things happening through participatory processes…they are not home and dry…parliament can still reject them!”

A Kenyan not reading tribalism in the appointments supports President Mwai Kibaki and The Prime Minister  Raila Odinga by saying, “Kenya is heading in the right direction ,from PLO)PLO Lumumba the Anti Corruption boss) ,Mutunga CJ and now Prof Muigai congrats AG Muigai ! I know you will perform ,please never disappoint Kenyan(s).”

A sober reader showed us the light and gave us the breakdown of the latest appointment. Key constitutional offices filled thus far according to the constitution in the last couple of months are :

  • Chief Justice Willy Mutunga-Kamba
  • Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza-Luhya
  • Chief Registrar -Shollei-Kalenjin
  • DPP-Keriako Tobiko-Maasai
  • AG- Githu Muigai-Kikuyu
  • Revenue Allocation-Micah Cheserem-Kalenjin
  • Controller of Budget-Agnes Nangila Odhiambo-Luhya
  • Auditor-General-Edward Ouko-Luo

From the above list we can see that indeed Kibaki and Raila played a major political card of trying to give all the major tribes of Kenya a slice of the cake.Word from the corridors of power is that Richard Kerich of the NHIF had emerged the best candidate for the Controller of Budget job during the interviews but that would have meant that three Kalenjins would have made it to this appointment.

It should be noted that I have no problem with all these appointments because the appointees are highly qualified individuals with an enviable track record in their careers.

The issue here is why should our leaders try to divide the country along  tribal lines? And why should Kenyans always think tribe in any appointment that is made by the government?

We Kenyans are to blame for condoning tribal thoughts. The first thing we see in any major appointment is not the qualifications of the candidate but the tribe s/he comes from. Until we change our mentality and look outside the tribe then we will still kill each other in the coming elections in the name of ‘our man’.

Right now politics is shaping out in a very dangerous way and we are all applauding our tribal chiefs, some of whom are facing serious crimes against humanity at the ICC, even when they attack other tribes. The ‘young’ politicians are busy forming tribal alliances like the G7 entrenching tribalism even more.

My take is lets scrutinize  the appointments on substance and what these leaders are bringing to Kenyans and not what tribe Githu,Mutunga or Ouko comes from…but then let our leaders stop horsetrading in making key appointments. Thats the only way to avoid post election violence which has been the dark spot is otherwise good name of Kenya.


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  1. Thank you for this brilliant analysis. That is why we will always have sub-standard services in the country when there are actually people who would otherwise do a better job. I am surprised at all that Raila would even mention rigging as an issue in 2007 after he was not confirmed the president. Here is RIGGING IN BOLD even when candidates have demonstrated their prowess. Does he care how he deceived the country of transparency and then rigged his own men in? Shame on Raila for doing this. I am appalled and to even think I had a shred of support for this man is preposterous and makes me sick inside. One more word Mr. PM, I hope you will also be rigged out again in 2012 – that might make you sober next time in your appointments. Kenya is for all Kenyans. Do not be myopic and look everything from the tribal lenses. You should know better.

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