Kenyan media fail to report CNN journalist win

On Saturday night Kenya scooped five awards at this year’s CNN African journalist award(see story).

It was a great day for Kenya after bagging the overall award. Fatuma Noor of The Star newspaper flew the Kenyan flag high. Today I was expecting to find great writing on these heroes who reports on dangerous issues just to bring sanity to the world.

But no,The Daily Nation which scooped the Sports award through Kamau Mutunga gave the story a wide berth at page 10. The Standard did not report it at all.

The Star who flew the Kenyan flag only managed to squeeze a picture on page one. But they tried to give us the award winning  story re run and a summary on page three.

The print media was the overall winner of the award which has eluded it for some years now. Instead of going to the roof tops to sing about the win they decided to ignore it.

Seldom do we here something good about the Kenyan media but this was a chance to showcase the great pain our journalist go through to get these dangerous stories.

Fatuma Noor whose three part series earned her the award trailed Al Shabaab recruits to Somali going through dangerous routes to bring the story.

It is a shame that the media passed a good story.


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Posted on June 27, 2011, in General News. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Congratulations Fatuma!!!

  2. Joseph, I also did not get the whole ‘Ignore the win because she is not from our media house’ stunt pulled by the Kenyan media. But it is a very sad state of looking at issues. SMH.

    • It is a sad affair Mumbi,I believe a win by Fatuma was a win for Kenya. So were wins by other winners who lifted Kenya’s flag. But even when we report about our own we rarely mention other Kenyan journalists who did well.

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