Tips on how to do more with your Nook Color

Your Nook Color can be turned into a powerful and fully functional Android tablet.
The Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system looks mighty impressive. Unfortunately, it will be even more expensive than the Apple iPad, going for $ 500.So why not hack the $250 Nook Color into a full Android tablet.

Once you get your Nook Color rooted and running your favorite Android apps, you can always kick it up another notch by trying out an early version of the Honeycomb 3.0 tablet OS that has been hacked to run on the Nook Color using a bootable Micro SD card.

What more can you do? :
• You can install your favorite home screen UI and your favorite Android apps.
• You can install the Amazon Kindle app and other e-reader apps and libraries so that you’re no longer locked into just the  Barnes & Noble library on this device.
• Be warned however that hacking or “rooting” the Nook Color will void your warranty.

• Proceed at your own risk.!


About marioninfo

A broadcast journalist with the foremost Nigerian international broadcasting station, Voice of Nigeria.

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