Find out 5 amazing features of your Nook Color

Forget the big library with thousands of books somewhere in the corner of your house. Technology has brought new and easier way of accessing books at the palm of your hand. Which are the five new things to discover about Nook Color

What is Nook color?

The Nook Color looks like. It is slimmer and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Wisnu Nugroho

It is a full color multi touch touchscreen device designed for viewing books, newspapers, magazines, and children’s picture books. The 7 inch device was developed by Barnes &Noble and has interactive functions  were you can share books and others services with your social circles within.

What is its  cost?

It costs $249 at Barnes&Noble

How Does it work?

What features does it have?

1. Color Touchscreen

  • Extra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Portrait or Landscape View

2. Personalization

  • Organize your Home Page
  • Personalized Bookshelves
  • Adjustable Font Size and Color
  • Decorate Your Nook Color

3. Personal Shopping

  • Pick Up the Perfect Book
  • Get the Inside Scoop
  • Ready to Read in Seconds
  • Nook Friends

4. Nook Friends

  • Make Nook Friends
  • Lend and Borrow Books
  • Inspiration for Your Next Read
  • See ‘Likes’ While Shopping

5. Memory

  • A Library Without Limit
  • 8GB* of built-in memory lets you hold up to 6,000 books, 50 kids’ books, 500 songs and 150 photos. Want to add your own pictures, music, and other personal files? Slip in a MicroSD card and customize your NOOK Color
  • Lifetime Library

Its limitations

  • The Nook does not have a lot of content available for it.
  • Compared with Kindle it has a very low battery life, a charge lasts for about 8 – 10 hrs. Whereas Kindle can last for a whole week.
  • It is heavier to handle, this can be inconvenient, when you have to hold it for a long time.

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