Learning the future of news at IIJ

Journalist in class during a Multimedia and online class

The world is changing fast and so is the way we tell stories. Today a successful journalist is one who tells a story in a most compelling way and fast.

The internet has offered a new platform for journalists. Many old school journalists find themselves back to the drawing board when told a pen and a notebook are not the only tools for them. Today a journalist is one who has a laptop, a camera, a video camera and an audio recorder to tell his story.

With the coming of the multimedia and online journalism many students find themselves with unlimited possibilities in the internet but with very little knowledge of how to exploit it.

Few institutions like International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) in Germany have seen the need to bridge this gap. The IIJ Multimedia and Online journalism course which takes place in Berlin is a cocktail of many aspects of this new media.

IIJ class with experienced lecturers like Peter Berger a veteran journalist and consultant, Claus Hesseling a journalist and trainer and Allan Robles a season journalist and consultant take students into the new world of online media.

The course content

  • Analyzing media websites: design, usability, interactivity
  • Basics of Internet technology
  • Writing for the web
  •  Photo editing with Photoshop
  • Producing audio files
  • Video shooting and editing
  • Multimedia storytelling
  • Strategies for efficient online research
  •  Economics for news sites
  •  Discussing the politics of the Internet and its potential for social and economic development
  •  Raising awareness of Internet security, e-rights and media ethics

In this course such difficult words like URL, LAN and World Wide Web that many journalists shy away are unraveled.

A key area of the course is writing for the web where you learn the differences between writing for print media and online.

The course will guide you on how to become a blogger and insight into the social media like Twitter and Facebook. Here you will learn that the social media is not only a tool for sending information to your audience but a helpful tool for news gathering. Under this topic you will be taught how to use the social media to make yourself read on the net.

Multimedia has become a very useful tool of story telling and here you we learn how to upload audio and video files to make your news more tasty. Photo taking and editing using Photoshop is a must skill you will acquire in this course.

But it’s not all work without play, participants have a chance of visiting major online publications in Germany while they have fun. This help in networking and putting to practice lessons learned in class.


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