Germany’s spleador on show in Berlin


Night life in Berlin

Night life

Alexanderplatz in Berlin,Germany

I had read many scary stories about Germany in my history classes.Much of it negative and was eager to see the gas chambers that six millions Jews perished in during the era of Adolf Hitler. I wanted to see the great Berlin Wall that decided Germany into two,East and West,I was ready to see the home of my favorite former Germany Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. But nothing prepared me for what I saw when I landed at Tegel airport in Berlin.

The people looked friendly and smiled at you in a cool way without saying a word,but few offered a ‘guten tag’ greeting as you passed,the opposite of Kenya where I come from.

Nairobi being the biggest city in East Africa region has attracted admiration from the locals but nothing worked as seamless as Berlin city. The streets were so clean and car jams were no where.Residents of Berlin don’t fight to enter a train even when the crowd waiting for the same is big,they let you go in first and a few will look at you scornfully if you pushed your way in.

And then the tour of Berlin was something else. History of the great Berlin wall, that has entered the annals of history and studied all over the world was the highlight of the bus tour around this city,but they was no wall but bits and pieces of the great history.Berlin unlike New York city is not a skyscraper city but rows and rows of architectural design that is the envy of Europe if not the world.


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  1. It’s so great and interesting. The same feeling with me about clean, green and friendly Berlin. Hope we all will have great time here.

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